Barb Loe Fischer Is Using Truisms to Get You to Not Vaccinate

Yeah, yeah. I don’t name people by name, but this one deserves to. Barbara Loe Fischer is one of the architects behind the National Childhood Vaccine Injury Act back in the 1980’s. When the whole thing backfired on her anti-vaccine views, because so many cases which required only 50% plus a feather of evidence and not a preponderance of evidence didn’t show vaccine injuries whatsoever, she and her friends became the leading advocates of trying to go back to a system where the lawyers get all the money and the parents who are led to believe their children were injured by vaccines are left holding the bag.

And the bag is empty, by the way.

Before I go any further, let me explain to you a bit of logic. Did you know that antibiotic resistant strains of bacteria are most often seen in people who take antibiotics? This is because the antibiotics take out the antibiotic-susceptible bacteria, so all that is left for them to catch are the resistant strains. Makes sense, right?

Well, not if you’re an anti-vaccine zealot. In antivax world, the antibiotics are what causes the resistant strains to be identified in the people who take them. In antivax world, people shouldn’t take antibiotics and that will remedy the whole thing. Or, at least, that’s what I get from this idiotic image that Barbara posted on her Twitter account:


See the lapse in logic? Of course vaccinated persons are going to have the vaccine-resistant strains more often… BECAUSE THEY DON’T GET THE VACCINE-SUSCEPTIBLE STRAIN. And, because of this flawed logic, Barbara and the National Vaccine disInformation Centre are quick to tell you that the pertussis vaccine is bad. This is typical behavior for anti-vaccine nuts. They conflate an association with a causation.

Now, notice that they don’t tell you the actual numbers. More often? Does that mean one more case? Two more? 10%? 100% more? Nope, they just tease you with a number in order to get you to look. If they spread this lie enough, they might get one person to believe them and avoid getting vaccinated… Which is one person too many.

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  1. I with just one major medical group (AMA, AAFP, AAP) or even the CDC would publicly call NVIC for the harm they have caused. Something to counter current silence regarding all the sh*tty lies spread by the NVIC which has seen its social media presence soar since 2015.

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