Won’t Someone Think of the Antivaxxers?

Is it bad that I turn on the news on the radio on the way to work hoping and praying that the President of the United States hasn’t done something to collectively embarrass us as a nation? Now, is it bad that I keep doing it knowing full well that it’s not going to happen? You know what they say about what the definition of insanity is…

Speaking of the insane, it seems that antivaxxers have taken their charade about being persecuted one step too far. Well, too far if you’re a reasonable person. They seem to think that nothing is “too far” when it comes to defending their skewed view of the world and attacking those they despise for trying to save lives of children. This time, they decided to compare themselves to Jews and other minorities who were systematically hunted down and killed during the Holocaust.

As Helene Sinnreich, PhD, put it in the Washington Post:

“It is not the first time the anti-vaccination movement has appropriated the Holocaust. Anti-vaccination advocates have called the side effects of vaccinations a modern-day Holocaust. They compare the criticism directed toward parents who choose not to vaccinate their children to the persecution of Jews during the Holocaust and label those who advocate for stringent laws around vaccines as Nazis. But this misuse of history distorts and undermines the actual horrors of the Holocaust. It also ignores that so many Holocaust victims died of infectious diseases — the same ones that vaccines could prevent today.”

Indeed. They keep playing the “I’m being persecuted” card all the time. They call themselves victims when they are not. They claim they are “toxic” or “diseased” from having “too many” vaccinations. And, of course, anything and everything is to be blamed on vaccines.

Dr. Sinnreich continued:

“The death toll from infectious disease was so high because Jews were stripped of basic resources including medical equipment, medicine and food. They were even denied quality soap. Doctors and other care providers helped fight disease in terrible conditions with scant supplies, many succumbing to disease themselves. Starving people traded food for medicine to help family members survive.

Vaccines emerged as a powerful, if expensive, tool for resistance. Smugglers found ways to bring medicine and even nascent vaccines into the ghetto. Those few who could obtain a vial of vaccine on the black market paid more than 100 times their weight in gold to obtain them. The going rate for a vaccine in the Warsaw ghetto could buy 30,000 bowls of soup — an astronomical amount in a place where people perished of hunger in the streets.”

So, yeah… Privileged (predominantly) white people in the United States, all very much free to do as they wish, are comparing themselves to the Holocaust victims who were forcibly removed from their homes and put into ghettos without basic supplies needed to be alive. They are comparing themselves to people who would pay with their lives for having the protection that vaccines provided. Antivaxxers are so persecuted.

Won’t someone think of the antivaxxers?

Look at this image:

Dead bodies being pulled from a train carrying Romanian Jews toward prison and death camps. (Source)

Ignorant anti-vaccine activists want you to believe that they are being treated in the same way. They want you to believe that a requirement to vaccinate so that we’re all safe — especially those too young or too sick to be vaccinated — is the same thing as between 12 and 17 million people experienced during the Holocaust. Nothing could be further from the truth, but antivaxxers are not exactly known for their firm grasp of the truth.

Or this image:

Bodies of dead children from the Warsaw ghetto. (Source)

Antivaxxers will have you believe that they are suffering a holocaust of their own from all the “injuries” from vaccines. But where are the bodies? Are children who are immunized being hauled away like waste in carts? Where are the mass graves?

What anti-vaccine people are going through with quarantines and exclusions from schools IS NOTHING AT ALL LIKE WHAT JEWS WENT THROUGH IN THE HOLOCAUST. No, they are not being persecuted. There’s no police force searching for them and dragging them away to jail (or worse). There is no law preventing them from getting married or having children.

How much more clearer can we make it?!

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  1. As a baby boomer I got acquainted with classmates whose parents survived the concentration camps, plus the Dutch grandparents and aunt* of dear hubby who survived the starving times in the Netherlands. There were so many stories, and so much heartbreak. Del Bigtree and his cohorts have absolutely no idea what they are doing, and worse they do not care.

    The Fantastic Laboratory of Dr. Weigl: How Two Brave Scientists Battled Typhus and Sabotaged the Nazis by Arthur Allen is a great read. It should be mentioned to Del Bigtree often.

    * Unfortunately both grandparents died around the time our kids were born. But we did take the kids to the Netherlands as teenagers to see things that were part of their father’s youth and visit his surviving relatives. One of best things we did was visit the Resistance Museum in Amsterdam: https://www.verzetsmuseum.org/museum/en/museum . It made the horrors more real as opposed to seeing it in a movie or history book. (as an aside, the miniature park Madurodam is a memorial to a young man that fought in the Dutch Resistance who died in Dachau)

  2. The fact that so many of them make that comparison with a straight face is strong evidence of their lack of knowledge, broken moral standard, or both.

  3. So, you didn’t approve my comment about the mental health stigmatization in the first and second paragraphs? Very intellectually honest of you. I’m not an anti-vaxxer, I’m a mentally-ill person who’s really tired of being blamed for things I didn’t do. Anti-vaxxers are gullible and easily manipulated but they are NOT necessarily mentally ill and I resent the implication.

    • Jesus Christ! All first-time comments are held for moderation. You know, so I can have a chance to make sure that lies and misinformation don’t get through.
      But thanks for the accusation of “intellectual dishonesty” ON MY OWN BLOG.
      Go get your own goddamned blog and let all the comments through… See how that works out for you given the current spam situation.
      And don’t bother commenting again. I won’t let anything of yours through anymore. Way to burn a bridge.

  4. It would be really nice if you didn’t refer to anti-vaxxers as mentally ill. They are a threat to public health, while I, a biploar person, have never injured anyone in my life. If you really care about good science and good statistics you would take care in contributing to the stigmatization of the mentally ill who, ironically enough, were also victims of the nazis.

  5. If any and I did have a heated discussion that had one former US Army officer move and put a full 8 feet between he and the objecting, erm, vaccine hesitant woman, who I honestly though was about to try to strike me. Fortunately, we were all on a military installation, she’s a GS (Government Service) type, I’m a contractor, so try to hit away, either way I have recoverable injuries.
    And well, that whole measles and polio outbreak nightmare I still have haunting my occasional dream. A far too frequent dream, likely, due to this shi-, erm, crap.
    Laughably, she has one of those knee scooters, due to a foot issue that had to be surgically addressed, I’m walking with a cane, due to a probable L4-L5 herniation, just haven’t found time enough to find a medical practice that I trust. Long rant there about the first frigging thing out of the practice member to a prospective new patient is, “We don’t prescribe opioids”. Erm, didn’t ask for them, loathe them overall, but well recognize their utility. I’m also one that has histamine flooding with pretty much every opioid. Initially thought it was allergies, then noted timing, then measured it. Opiates and opioids tend to trigger MAST cells in most, to some degree, I get triggered massively. Vasodilation, check, effects, check, mucus flowing from every mucus membrane that I can observe the effects of or blow out of my nose, check. Hypotension in hot conditions, of course, see vasodilation.
    More noxious stimuli, short of death, yeah, not happening.
    Next time, give me methadone, at least with a properly functioning, for far longer, mind, I can cope easier. It took a week of such crap for me to figure it out and grab 50 mg of diphenhydramine first, as a pre-treatment.

    I got, from that individual, how vaccines have no documentation of ingredients at all, countered with mention I could download the vaccine of her choice on my issued cell phone, she moved the goal posts. Did, at the end, find her rationale.
    Ran the toxin gamut, deflected, agitated her enough that she finally spilled her guts.
    Her mid-20’s daughter has Crohn’s disease, she blames the vaccines magic.
    Now, if there is evidence, she should have an award. Aw, poop, repeatedly disproved.
    There appears to be an immune dysregulation, now show me a trigger food and how it’s included in vaccines (oddly, she mentioned wheat inside of vaccines, I guess we’re vaccinating wheat from our own immune globulin or something?).
    Long story short, even her facilitating friend backed off, I remained calm.
    If she cracked and I kept my tone calm and the former officer watched the tennis match, growing tenser with each exchange, but being on a DoD installation, there isn’t a zero tolerance policy toward violence, there’s a less than zero tolerance.
    The only “ding” I could get was arguing a point that the US government official supports, that just isn’t going to happen, so arguing might be a ding, vs attempted battery.
    Which would be trivially removed as a risk by back stepping, while my cane manages to entangle a wheel.

    What triggered her was, the NYC medical state of emergency.
    My personal reasons are relatively well known, dealing with, in the midst of a shooting war, scrambling to address a simultaneous outbreak of measles and polio.
    Which I commented upon to the former officer, who was watching our exchanges, literally, as if it was a hot tennis tournament.
    When I mentioned my ongoing nightmares of that mess, which we eventually did get in front of and my memory of far too many tiny graves (my nightmares involve seeing all of those shrouded children being my own young children, who are in their 30’s now faces and my grandchildren).
    And my wife, who is on immune modulators, one to lower her Lupus attacks, the other, to grow bone so that she can receive spinal surgery that is emergency level, but impossible to perform without parts of her spine essentially dissolving.
    Yeah, I was triggered as well, I only pressed to hear her reason.
    Trivially deflected, as I pulled out my DoD issued smart phone, to show MSDS sheets and worse, package inserts. Felt bad doing that, as I did feel for her angst, due to her daughter’s condition.
    Also felt bad for a terrorist, who actually did have a good reason for doing the right thing, alas, against the wrong people. Given the situation, at some points, I’d have likely had a long conversation with him, then allowed him to escape, to sin no more. Or get shot in the head, the first time he showed up at, well, predictable target locations.
    But, she demurred, as providing factual information is rejected, it’s a personal belief.
    For those who proclaim personal belief is superior to governmental law, I simply ask if I’m allowed to kill whoever I disagree with. It’s a trail end logical progression an some anarchists I’ve spoken to actually agree and I report the exchange.
    While the DHS disbanded the section to analyze a threat, the FBI retains theirs.
    I scored on calmness, while obviously showing serious inner turmoil, working on that. I can’t allow that one off stressor to increase my blood pressure. Alas, redirection was ineffective, so direct confrontation ensued.
    Logic and offering of documentation overall won the day for observers. In and around something that looks like a northern state bus stop, lacking seats.
    An aluminum structure, plexiglass on three sides, alas, unlike at the depot we operated, zero seats.
    The weather was changing, so that whole spasm down one leg thing was what I wanted relief from, but the gravity officer was having a communications problem. Off site, so I couldn’t fix it, as he didn’t tie in the two VPN’s. Some keyboard-mouse interface issue.

    20/20 hindsight, potential avenues of approach.
    One being chemophobia, the other, her daughter’s unfortunate condition. Our youngest has PCOS and all of the most serious sequelae that go along with PCOS, irregular menses, calcium loss, early menopause. All, following mom, save for an early proliferate period.
    Leading to our 16 pregnancies, two live births. One pregnancy, lost to physical injury from a motor vehicle accident, one lost to an ectopic pregnancy and the last, stuck in an airport, coming home, to our sanctuary, to be put aside and messed with, right until I examined my booth, noticed access potential to sensitive DoD ID’s and my confining officer, rather than have his useless booth destroyed, opened it and began to process me, which I interrupted to regain possession of my sensitive ID’s, which are devices.
    He saw my ID’s and asked why the hold, the hold was triggered by a toadie, who literally acted like a kindergarten informer on misbehavior.
    The misbehavior, letting my aborting wife to sit, while I got a wheelchair.
    Once he confining in booth my USCENTCOM ID, things changed swiftly.
    Still lost the baby, might have salvaged the pregnancy, but, we have borders and that was under Obama, under Bush regulations, which got rolled back and rolled back, recently.

    Sorry for the spew, but, idiocy has triggered this, badly.
    And a Scientific America article reported, in depth, PTSD an how, in a respected study of never experiencing a major trauma, exposure, via warning of trigger warning or not, had near equal results.
    I suggested that, next week, a new study of deceased persons also fail to react to traumatic events videos.
    Since the study was crafted to exclude those stressed, hence, turning the study group into the control group an I can’t figure out why the study is now excellent fertilizer, next season, coming from a bovine arse.

    Don’t get me started on opioid treatments and withdrawal issues, which no less than the CDC warned about this week.

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