Vote for 2019’s Douchebag of the Year

It’s been a while since I’ve held voting for “Douchebag of the Year” on the blog. Our Douchebag Emerit-ass, Dr. Bob Sears, is back in the running after a series of missteps that have landed him in hot water with the medical board of California… again.

Here are our candidates:

Bob Sears, again?

Taylor Winterstein, for this.

Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. for being a crap human being, according to his own family.

Del Bigtree, for being creepy AF.

Larry Cook, for being creepier TF.

Jenna Jameson, for weird statements about what governments mandate being evil.

Barbara Loe Fisher, for a lifetime of stupidity.

Andrew Jeremy Wakefield, for 20 years (plus) of living off his fraudulent study.

Here is our ballot. Feel free to vote as early and often as you want. The winner gets $100 donated to Red Cross International for MMR vaccines in Samoa and/or Congo in their name…

(If the form is not embedding for you, here is the link:

6 thoughts on “Vote for 2019’s Douchebag of the Year

  1. I think giving this award to Wakefield is an appropriate commemoration of the fact that is now 20 years since his original fraud.

    • Sorry I didn’t see your comment earlier. We’ll just have to give Andrew Jeremy Wakefield a lifetime achievement award.

  2. Anyone who exploits children or families who’ve lost children should always win douche bag of the year.

  3. I think you need to add anti-vax MD James Meehan for the anti-vax activities against the people of Samoa (see Vaxopedia).

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