It is now okay to kill your child

UPDATE: Here are others’ thoughts on this subject. I’ll update as I see more speaking out against this madness.


Yeah, I was not supposed to come back to the blog until Sunday. In fact, that blog post has already been written. It’s just that something came to my attention today, and you, my two or three readers, must know about it right now. It is almost an emergency because it is placing children in harm’s way.

I’m talking about this report from CBS. I need to warn you that it is very hard to look at. It has images of a child with autism by the name of Alex being mistreated and it describes in some detail how his mother and his caretaker killed him. The most infuriating part of the report is that, in my opinion, it attempts to explain why the child was killed, completely forgetting that a child was killed. Giving the mother and caretaker’s difficulties in having the child treated, the report, to me, tries to justify what they did. And, in my humble opinion, now puts it out there that it is okay to kill your neurodevelopmentally delayed child if he or she becomes too much of a burden to you.

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