The weird and confusing world of “CIAParker”

I used to know this guy in college who was a true social chameleon. He could adapt to any situation and interact with almost anyone. Of course, this required him to lie about himself from time to time, and he did it more often when interacting with women he wanted to impress. He was employed when the girl in front of him talked about money. He was unemployed when the girl showed hints of being all about fighting “the man”. He grew up in the inner city with tough girls and out in the country with small town girls. It was like watching performance art.

There is a woman who appears at almost every anti-vaccine blog, in the comments section, and displays a similar ability to adapt to the situation. The only problem with her approach is that we can see what she wrote previously, and we can confront her statements with her own statements. One week she had X disease cause by vaccines, natch. The next week, she had some other disease, also caused by vaccines. A few weeks ago, smallpox was never eradicated. Rather, it was changed to chickenpox and, thus, is still around. Last week, smallpox was eradicated, but the vaccine used caused more deaths than smallpox did.

You can see the kind of game she plays.

Not only that, but she tells anyone who’ll listen that vaccines have zapped her energy, that she can’t work anymore, but she writes on and on and on in comments sections. And, judging by the time stamps in those comments, she does this for hours at a time, even days. And when someone points out to her that she sure seems animated for a person who is so devoid of energy, she then blames vaccines for her anxiety and her willingness to risk her life to tell others about the dangers of vaccines.

Perhaps the icing on the chameleon cake is that this woman is a lawyer when she needs to, then she’s something in the medical field (e.g. a nurse), and then she pulls out some other degree when her own dubious comments about vaccines are challenged.

Let’s put all that aside and really dive into the strange and twisted world this woman lives in. Hers is a world where serious diseases like whooping cough and H. influenzae meningitis can be treated easily with Vitamin C. Hers is a world where her autistic child is worse off than the children who have complications from vaccine-preventable diseases. That’s right, autism is much worse to her than a child who loses limbs from meningitis or loses their hearing or dies.

She’s one of those parents who should walk away from their child before she does something stupid, rather than just writing tons of stupid.

I mean, check this out:












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CIA Parker hit all the anti-vaccine talking points, didn’t she? She does it a lot. Vaccines cause death, destruction, mayhem, peanut allergies, multiple sclerosis, cancer, and, of course, autism in her world. It’s a scary, dark world of hers.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather live in a world lit up by truth and reality, where the light of science scares away people like her into hiding and only spouting out that garbage.