GW School of Public Health Responds, Raises More Questions

I’ve received a comment from the GW School of Public Health Office of Communications on the post from the other day whereby a student there, one we all know as the anti-vaccine activist “kid”, had as site preceptor for his practicum experience the father of the Father and Son team of Mark and David Geier. The comment reads:

“The George Washington University School of Public Health and Health Services is still investigating the claims in this article.

However, your article gives the impression that Mark Geier was teaching or advising a GW student who was doing a practicum at SPHHS. In fact, Mark Geier was facilitating the use of a non-GW database the student used while doing his/her research, which was not part of a practicum. The student in question was being supervised by a faculty member at the university and the student’s contact with Mark Geier was limited mainly to accessing the information in this database.

GW School of Public Health
Office of Communications”

Here is the guidebook for the practicum at GWSPH. In it, on page 9, a site preceptor is described thus:

“Sign-in on the Practicum Website and complete the following:

o Site Application
o Site Preceptor Application
 Receive verification, password , then load project
o Project Description
• Review and approve Student’s Practicum Plan
• Engage Student in work and provide constructive feedback and guidance to Student
• Provide guidance for professional conduct
• Verify Student’s weekly contact hours
• Complete the following on the Practicum Website:
o Midpoint Evaluation Form in conjunction with the Student
o Final Site Preceptor Evaluation of Student and Practicum
• Negotiate payment/stipend with Student, if applicable
• Evaluate Student’s professional behavior
• Address Student’s reports of problems, including site safety issues and/or sexual

If Mark Geier, as the site preceptor (as identified to and by Autism News Beat) was not “teaching or advising”, then what does it mean to “review and approve Student’s Practicum Plan”, “provide constructive feedback and guidance to Student”, “provide guidance for professional conduct”, and evaluate the student? On the other hand, if “Mark Geier was (only) facilitating the use of a non-GW database”, why was Mark Geier identified to ANB as the site preceptor of the student?

Can we see the student’s research summary, paper, abstract to determine what role Mark Geier played?

Everyone loses their mind!

If you don’t know by now who Dr. Paul A. Offit is, then you live under a rock and need to read more. That, or you are new to the “vaccine wars.” If these were actually “wars,” then Dr. Offit would be one of the top generals. He is bright, well-qualified, an excellent speaker, and knows what he’s talking about. He co-developed a vaccine against rotavirus, a nasty intestinal bug that has been responsible for the deaths of children worldwide.

Imagine for a moment a hot day in the summer with, say, 100% humidity and temperatures in the low 100’s. Do you remember how thirsty you were on a day like that? Now, imagine being that hot, that thirsty, and having all the liquid in your body be exiting you through your rectum at an accelerated rate. Pretty bad, huh? We’ll come back to this in a moment.

Dr. Offit and his colleagues developed a vaccine against rotavirus. Of course, he made some money from that vaccine. My uncle rebuilds classic cars. It takes him forever to rebuild them, and then he sells them for a profit. It took years for Dr. Offit to co-develop the vaccine, and it took more years to bring it to market and out to the world. Of course he made money from it. But we’ll come back to that in a moment. Continue reading