You thought American anti-vaccine loons were bad, and then you met Frankie Vazquez from Australia

This is Frankie Vazquez from Australia:

As far as anti-vaccine weirdos go, he seems pretty tame, right? Unfortunately, he’s not tame at all. He’s quite delusional. Read what Reasonable Hank has to share about Frankie Vazquez’s — “The Voice For All Unborn Souls” — threats of violence, and then come back for the next video. You won’t be disappointed.

Or, hell, click on the next video now because it is pure anti-vaccine gold:

Centrelink, by the way, is kind of the equivalent to health and human services here in the States. Frankie Vazquez, “The Voice For All Unborn Souls”, went to warn people about vaccines, about “Ozmerica” invading Australia, and about other nonsense. He took his daughter with him and seemingly upset her very much.

He was very lucky that none of the security guards were probably armed. (It’s Australia, after all.) But someone just randomly yelling for everyone to pay attention like that could be cause for a forceful reaction. Frankie Vazquez would have probably been shot here in the U.S., and that’s no joke. People are kind of spooked about terrorism right now, and Frankie Vazquez and his delusional yelling would have scared someone into shooting first and then asking questions.

I’ve encountered Frankie Vazquez from Australia online several times, and I haven’t really been able to make heads or tails of his arguments against vaccines. They’re not so much arguments as they are rambling, seemingly delusional screeds. I thought this was an otherwise normal anti-vaccine loon, but then I saw the threats and the videos and thought to myself how utterly nuts this guy is.

I hope he gets the help he needs.