So-called epidemiologist doesn’t understand epidemiology

The kid wrote this:

“Regarding the data you speak of, I cannot publish it because I do not have access to it nor is it in my possession. We know [autism] is declining because it was discussed in email by a coauthor of then-principal investigator/now-most-wanted fugitive Poul Thorsen’s thimerosal study in email to Thorsen, his then-student and first study author Kreesten Madsen and CDC employee Diana Schendel. A much later study coauthored by Schendel was just recently published showing ASDs going down in years following thimerosal’s removal from Danish vaccines:”

He then links to this study from the University of Miami. From what he wrote above, you would expect that the paper addressed or studied a decline in the number and proportion of cases of autism in Denmark after thimerosal was removed from childhood immunizations. Did the paper address or study this? Continue reading