Just watch them eat each other alive (UPDATED)

It will be kind of difficult for me to write this post without naming names, but I’ll give it a shot. I told you a few weeks back about how “the kid” was taking on his online alma mater. He claimed that several people he used to be allied with hijacked a sham Congressional hearing on autism. The kid claims that some guy with a PhD in biochemistry has solved the mystery of the non-existent autism-vaccine link, but that the PhD was not allowed to present his case to the Congressional Committee because, again, an organization called “SafeMinds” hijacked it. “SafeMinds” is all about a link between thimerosal and autism, and for anyone to say otherwise is high treason… Unless you’re Andrew Wakefield and his fraudulent study since the MMR vaccine never contained thimerosal.

So the Interagency Autism Coordinating Committee (IACC) had a meeting on April 9. On that meeting was a founding member of “SafeMinds,” among others. Remember, according to the kid, it was “SafeMinds” that hijacked The Truth® from coming out at the committee hearings in DC. The IACC meeting opened for comments, and guess who showed up? The kid showed up, and he was on fire. The video from the meeting is not up yet, but I’ll update this post when it is. I watched it live as they streamed it to the web, and let me tell you… He’s got issues. Continue reading