Some are just too far down the rabbit hole

I’ve told you before that the true anti-vaccine activists blame anything and everything wrong in their lives, or with the minds and bodies of their children, on vaccines. The same goes for anyone who believes in conspiracies, alternative medicine, ghosts… You name it. They will believe their bias before believing anything else, including clear and tangible evidence.

A friend of mine pointed me to this link from “GeoEngineering Watch”, a website dedicated to conspiracy theories having to do with “weather engineering”. If you look through the site, you’ll see the usual hodgepodge of unscientific theories about what is going on with the crazy weather we’re seeing around the world. Instead of going with the science of climate change because of increased carbon dioxide in the atmosphere (most of it from our pollution, and a lot of it from volcanoes), the authors of the website seem to go with contrails, radio wave transmissions, military experiments, etc. Continue reading