The Boston Bombings and Anti-Vaxxers

Soon after the Boston Bombings last year, nasty rumours began to surface about the true nature of the bombings and who perpetrated them. All you have to do is Google “Boston Bombing False Flag” and you’ll get a flavor of what I mean. In simple terms, conspiracy nuts claim that the bombings were done by the US Government in an attempt to justify tighter gun control and surveillance measures. If we are led to believe that we are in mortal danger, the theory goes, we’ll be happy to exchange our freedoms in order to be safer.

Some of the “evidence” put forth by conspiracy theorists the world over was that the victims of the bombing were actors. For example, look at this victim:

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Don’t agree with me? You’re a bigot!

Ah, the kid. If you ever find yourself snowed in and not have much to do but maybe see what the latest round of “nutbaggery” the anti-vaccine activists are up to, I recommend either the kid’s blog or either one of his two Twitter accounts. Heck, I recommend his Facebook page, in which he has been lately going around in circles with his old friends, now enemies, about whether or not he is correct in his assertions and in releasing otherwise confidential emails. His latest round of nutbaggery, other than not understanding a goddamned epidemiological study though he has a degree in epidemiology, is from his Twitter account.

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Conspiracy Theorists Unite!

Today’s post is a quick one. You know who “The Kid” is, but do you know who This Guy is? He’s a scary fellow who believes that The Illuminati controls autism. I wish I was joking and that people like him didn’t exist. But they do.

As it turns out, The Guy posted a long rant at The Kid’s blog, blaming autism on just about every conspiracy under the sun. The Kid must have accidentally published the comment since the comment read “do not publish this” at the top. Anyway, this is all that remains of that rant:

Screen Shot 2013-09-18 at 2.55.28 PM


I linked to The Guy’s blog post above, but here are some excerpts:

“Did you vote for Obama? Did you vote for McCain? If you answered “Yes” to either one, you thereby acknowledge that you are part of the 99% of voters who were led to do so by the Illuminati. That’s how all presidents are appointed.”

“The Rothschild family owns most of the major media and they show you the candidates that they select for you.”

“Certainly, the people who damaged your childrens’ (sic) brains are not going to voluntarily announce on Rothschild’s TV networks that they made a mistake and apologize to you. If that was a possibility, it would have happened in 1999 when an honest CDC employee named Thomas Verstraeten told us the truth about how mercury was causing the brain damage known as autism.”

“Why didn’t these “parents” of autistic kids make Courtney Zietzke famous and arrange for him to be on TV to promote the truth about autism the same way they did for Kirby? Can you guess the answer?

It was all planned propaganda. That’s what the Illuminati does. They own TV and they plan far in advance what will be shown to us.”

“I urge anyone who trusts the Canary Party to beat my brains in with the toughest questions you can think of to make me prove my point here. That task is a piece of cake for me but an impossibility for those “leaders”. I’m trying to help every parent of an autistic child see how you’ve all been fooled by superior con artists. I do have all the answers and I’m here to help all of you. You all have to break away from these bastards who took over your leadership or babies are screwed all over the world. Please ask questions. Thank you.”

Oh, I think we don’t need to ask any questions. Do we?

An email from an anti-vaccine activist to their overlords (Or how the internecine war continues)

The kid claims that someone else sent the following email to Age of Autism, the online newspaper of the non-existent autism epidemic. I think it was he himself who did it, and I’ll tell you why once you read this. It’s a little long, and it repeats a lot of the anti-vaccine nuttery, but it’s worth a read for a good laugh. I’ve highlighted in bold the best parts. (By the way, the published this email on his site. I’ll link to it upon request, but I’m not giving him any more clicks than he needs. Props to my friend for telling me about this.): Continue reading

If it’s not normal, it must be broken

There are those people in the world who see everything that is not normal (or expected) as something that is damaged, wrong, or evil. They see a hurricane and, instead of acknowledging that it was caused by a low pressure weather system over warm and moist air in the tropics, they see a conspiracy by the government to control the weather through radio waves. They see a child with a neurodevelopmental delay, and they see a child who is a victim of a vaccine injury, genetics be damned. Even when all the evidence tells us that low levels of folate in the diet of expectant mothers is the main cause of spina bifida (a condition in which the spinal canal doesn’t close as the fetus develops), these people will blame chemical contamination of food or water by a big, multinational corporation.

In essence, they blame the unlikeliest of things for what they see as abnormal.

Along the same lines, we have the people who go overboard with their belief in the supernatural. They blame children born with cleft palates on the mother seeing an eclipse. Or they say that a person with schizophrenia is actually possessed by a demon. Again, they seem to ignore the most common, rational, and possible explanation and go with the most far-fetched idea.

Now, is it possible that the far-fetched is the correct explanation for what they’re observing? Yes, everything is possible, but it is incredibly improbable. We’re talking probabilities of one in a million or less.

There is this website that always seems to take the news of the day and apply the most unlikely of explanations to it. When the shootings in Aurora, Colorado, happened last summer, the author of the site, or his underlings, blamed the shootings on a “false flag” operation by the US Government as an attempt to scare the public into shifting their opinions on gun control. Same thing with the massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary.

Yesterday was no different for that site. In case you don’t know, there is a court case being heard right now in Florida. It involves a neighborhood watchman shooting a young man deemed suspicious by the watchman. There was some sort of a fight, and the young man ended shot dead. The only two people that know what happened are the deceased and the watchman. Some say it’s a clear case of self-defense. Others say it’s a clear case of racial profiling and a trigger-happy watchman. We’ll see how it goes.

One of the witnesses on the stand yesterday was a friend of the victim. She is Black, from Florida, overweight, and female. As almost anyone who’s been on the stand in a court of law, and as almost anyone who’s been put in front of the cameras without previous experience in the limelight, she was observably nervous. She mumbled some words, moved around in her seat, and asked for the person questioning her to repeat the question.

What did the “natural” website make of her nervousness, her looks, and her demeanor on the stand? Here:

“Watching defense witness Rachel Jeantel testify in the Trayvon Martin trial was horrifying, shocking… disturbing. Here is a 19-year-old high school senior, raised in America and educated in public schools, who is wildly illiterate (she simply cannot read) and who seems unable to speak in coherent sentences. Almost right out of the movie Idiocracy, she makes odd grunting noises and seems to display wild emotional swings, verbal inconsistencies and irrational behavior.”

Frankly, she wouldn’t be the first high school senior, raised in America, who was not proficient in English. But look at the other things written about her. “Wild emotional swings”? There’s more, and it’s worse:

“On the issue of lead, Rachel’s behavior strongly resembles that of a lead-poisoned individual. This isn’t just a one-time exposure issue, either: it’s a chronic exposure during childhood development issue.

It’s possible she actually ate lead paint as a child, for example, if she was living in a much older house where the paint was flaking off. (Lead was removed from paint in 1978, but many homes still contain that lead-based paint.)”

Yeah, it’s possible, but not really probable since most states, including Florida, have made it a law to not rent/sell houses with lead-based paint. Furthermore, there is a very robust lead poisoning surveillance system in Florida and other states. Just because she’s nervous on the stand, and a teenager prone to distraction like any other teen, it doesn’t mean she’s lead poisoned.

“In addition to being poisoned by fluoride, lead, aspartame and vaccines, Jeantel is obviously eating a diet that is completely lacking in the nutrients needed to protect the brain from oxidative damage.”

I agree that her size is indicative of an imbalanced diet, but I don’t agree that she is necessarily “poisoned” by any of those things. Like any good anti-science and anti-vaccine website, this “natural” site blames chemicals and vaccines. It couldn’t be that her circumstances have allowed for her to gain extra pounds, like so may of us? No, it must be the damned vaccines.

And her speaking with a regional accent or in a regional/cultural dialect (?) doesn’t mean she’s illiterate. I certainly don’t think that people from the Caribbean who speak an different version of English are illiterate or brain, damaged. Same for Black people in the inner city or Latinos in downtown LA, or even White people in Boston. The more I listen to that young lady speaking, the more I understand what she is saying. Brain damaged? Poisoned? Not likely.

But that’s how those people react, people who see monsters under their bed, in the closet, on the side of the road, and everywhere else. It’s all a conspiracy. It’s all the fault of Big Pharma, Big Government, Big Business, and they are the only ones who know the truth, especially when no one is listening.

Finally, if you go to the comments section of that particular blog post, you’ll see the outrage from a lot of readers at the gigantic leap this person tried to make in attacking that young lady.

17 years later

I can’t believe it’s been 17 years since TWA flight 800 crashed off the coast of New York’s Long Island. I know exactly where I was, and I remember thinking that it must have been terrorism almost immediately. Slowly, as the investigation moved forward, it was discovered through the evidence gathered that there was an explosion in the center fuel tank of the plane. Two hundred and thirty people died in that accident.

In the years since, there have been numerous conspiracy theories on what happened. Some say that it really was a terrorist bomb onboard that went off, but, because of the proximity of the ’96 Olympics in Atlanta, the authorities kept quiet about it. Other say that there was a missile that took down the plane. Whatever the theory, the evidence gathered by aviation and forensics experts all points to an explosion in the fuel tank. End of story, right? Continue reading

The government doesn’t have a monopoly on reality

One of the cries that I keep hearing from conspiracy nuts is that “The Government” did this and that, or that it’s hiding this or that. Just the other day, I was listening to a podcast by Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson, an astrophysicist. He was answering questions from his audience when someone asked who is to say that the government is not hiding an asteroid on its way to destroy the planet. He answered the question very simply by saying that an asteroid would be visible to everyone on the planet. A person in their backyard would be able to see such an asteroid. A scientist in any of the many observatories around the world, including Neil, would see it coming. In essence, the government can’t keep a secret that big. Continue reading