Don’t like vaccines? Don’t be a nurse.

I have always been impressed by the places where I find anti-vaccine activists, and I don’t mean online. They are everywhere. They can be our relatives, our friends, our colleagues. Well, your colleagues. Any colleagues of mine who are not fully up to date on their vaccinations and don’t have a reasonable excuse are not my colleagues. And then you also get them in the medical professions.

For example, there is this pediatrician and this other pediatrician who are anti-vaccine based on their words and actions, though they claim not to be. There are also plenty of nurses who are anti-vaccine, and they don’t hesitate to announce it loud and proud. Take as another example this sorry specimen of a nurse:

Don’t listen to her too closely. She doesn’t know what she’s talking about.

But at least she’s open about it. She’s not like this person:


The person in question is a Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) at an allergist’s office in Denver, Colorado, according to her Facebook profile, her online resume, and her postings on other anti-vaccine sites and Facebook pages. (She has made most of it private now.) I wonder if she has any idea of how allergists treat allergies? Here’s a hint: They inject “toxins” and “poisons” into their patients to help the patients’ immune systems get used to them. But, alas, vaccines are too much for this person.

Woe be unto her if she decides to lie about her vaccination status, like the people giving her advice do. Why? Because she can seriously compromise the health and safety of patients she works with. And she can face criminal prosecution if she endangers patients on purpose and knowingly lies about her vaccination status. So let this stand as a public record of her actions.