The real fight in the autism community is acceptance, equality, and advocacy, not vaccines

While we, the scientists and reality-based people, are fighting back the claims and misinformation of the anti-science and anti-vaccine groups and their activists, there are issues that need addressed in our society when it comes to autistic people. Those issues don’t have to do with complicated concepts like immunology or chemistry. They don’t have to do with abstract concepts like whose feelings get hurt by using “autistic” versus “person with autism.” No. These issues are simple, from a certain point of view.

In the United States, we have these sets of laws at the local, state, and federal level to require employers to pay a certain wage to their employees. We call this the “minimum wage,” and it’s been holding steady at $7.25 at the federal level. States and local governments may require higher minimum wages (e.g. San Francisco has it at $10.55 this year), but all wages have to be at least $7.25 to comply with federal law. Well, not all wages.

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