The trouble with democracies and religious parents

I traveled to Central America when I was in college. It was quite an eye-opening experience when it came to healthcare. They had socialized medicine, where the state handled everything: the hospitals, clinics, who got to be a doctor, and how much doctors could charge for taking care of you. It seemed to work better in the smaller countries because a centralized healthcare system is more closely overseen by a centralized government. Also, the people had little to no say in their care. Whatever the doctor said was done, and woe be upon the patient that refused. You’re very much willing to accept any intervention if you’re threatened with the bill if you refuse.

There was also the matter of education. Physicians and nurses were the most educated people around, so their patients deferred to them when it came to care. Patients had no access to websites to tell them that all physicians are in the pockets of Big Pharma. Or, rather, “Grande Farma.” They were also not fed lies about other things like vaccines or chemotherapy. Unfortunately, there was also not a lot of oversight when it came to quacks. The quacks would just label themselves “traditional healers,” and the government pretty much left them alone. I remember seeing a homeopath’s office with a line that went around the corner because he would see you the same day, as opposed to waiting for months under the government care plan.

I wonder how many people ended up losing limbs or dying because they chose to take care of their diabetes with homeopathy? But I digress… Continue reading