Don’t try to reason with the unreasonable

FYI: This is the third of ten posts not related to vaccines.

I have a friend who is an amateur photographer. You may have seen some of this stuff over on his blog. We all went out to dinner the other night, and he brought his camera with him. His camera is not small. It’s a rather bulky DSLR camera, and he had a rather bulky lens on it. We walked down the street to where we were having dinner, and he took pictures of buildings and people along the way. No one really seemed to care. Our nation’s capital is a big city and most of us carry around a camera in our phones anyway.

It’s not the same way in England, apparently. My friend shared this video with me off of YouTube. In it you can see several photographers taking pictures around London and being harassed by security guards over taking pictures of several buildings. Before you watch the video, keep in mind a few things. First, the photographers are in London, a very touristy city. In 2011, there were over 15 million tourists who visited there. Surely, they took pictures. Second, notice that these are security guards and not law enforcement. Keep that in mind as you hear them trying to quote laws and regulations. Finally, keep in mind that the photographers are in public places with big cameras. If they are conducting “surveillance” of buildings to “bomb”, then they’re going about it in a very open and obvious way. I have the sneaking suspicion that terrorists don’t act the same way.

Oh, one more thing. Notice how the security guards stand their ground and so do the photographers. Their back-and-forth reminded me a lot of how we may try to reason with the unreasonable but end up nowhere.