And now, a rant…

It turned out that a group of “pro-life”/”anti-abortion” advocates showed up in my town to protest the local Planned Parenthood facilities. There were dozens of them on the town square, near the facility, with all sorts of banners and images, protesting the “murders” of “children” being performed at the facility.
The joke was on them, however. The director of the Planned Parenthood challenged donors – of which I am one – to donate a dollar per protester. The more protesters showed up, the more money PP would get. Well, I had to put out a lot of cash because a lot of them showed up.
That really got me thinking. By one count, there were over 500 protesters on one day at the town square. It was part of their 40-day protest over Lent. Can you imagine how much good elsewhere these folks, most of them young and capable, could do if they decided to work hard at something for 40 days? I did imagine, so I made a list for them.

A) Volunteer at habitat for humanity, building or repairing homes for the less fortunate (those that don’t have the resources to travel several towns over to protest a women’s clinic), or feeding the homeless.
B) Grab some trash bags and walk, en masse, down a road in the city and clean up all the trash you see. You’d be amazed how much trash 500 people can pick up (and recycle) if you really put your mind to it.
C) Give $1 each to Doctors Without Borders, offsetting the gift we couldn’t make because we decided to give to Planned Parenthood to counter your little stunts.
D) Research the things you’re saying. Abortion DOES NOT increase the risk of breast cancer in women. Having children reduces it (in some studies), but not having children does not raise it. I know it’s a difficult concept, so I’d give you 40 days to figure it out.
E) Be a Big Brother or Big Sister to children who are without adult involvement. Heck, you could even adopt them. I know you’re SO worried about them in utero, why not show the same amount of care once they’re born?
F) Clean up a river or bay or some other natural habitat near you. Just like with “B”, but in a habitat that desperately needs humans to save it, not continue to destroy it.
I could go on and on about how misled you (mostly) kids are. Adults around you have turned you into tools that are willfully trying to destroy something that is bringing good to women. Abortions are a small – yet necessary – part of the things that Planned Parenthood does. They provide essential pregnancy prevention services, health screenings, and other medical care to women who could otherwise not afford it.
I know you live in a sheltered world, where Mom and Dad provide enough for you to spend 40 days protesting places that you deem “sinful” or “unclean”. But you need to see things for what they are. Jesus Christ, whom so many of you claim to follow, spoke of loving one’s neighbor. How are you showing that love in all your protesting, all your harassing of people who go to the clinic?
God doesn’t like liars, either. So I’d suggest you look into the claims you make about the bad things that happen with abortions. You’re lying if you say or suggest that abortions cause cancer. You’re lying if you think that all women who have had one do so as a form of birth control. And you’re lying if you think you’re being self-less in this. I’ve seen how you smile before the cameras, how you love to be in the limelight.
Vanity is a sin. Who’s the sinner now?
Of course, far be it for me to judge you all. After all, I’m sure there are several specks in my eye, so I won’t point out the wood beams in yours. But you have to see that standing out there, waving banners, yelling things, chanting rhymes, and smiling for the cameras are doing absolutely nothing to reduce abortions.
You’re just wasting everyone’s time when you could be doing other things that would really make an impact.