Free Shipping on Chickenpox When You Call Today!

From CBS 5 in Phoenix, Arizona: (give the video window a few seconds to load)

That’s right, folks, these nut jobs are mailing infectious pathogens.

Remember the weeks after September 11, 2011, when someone started mailing Anthrax to reporters, politicians, and others? Remember how much we collectively freaked out? Remember the lines of people waiting to get Cipro? Yeah, well, apparently a bacteria that is treatable with antibiotics is much more of a problem than a virus as infectious as chickenpox.

If chickenpox was the only thing these idiots were mailing.

Oh, no, they’re also mailing (or attempting to mail) measles and other pathogens. Please take the time and look at the video or read the report. Think of how nutty this whole thing is. The parents who are receiving these packages from total strangers may be exposing their children to other pathogens beyond chickenpox and measles. Things like hepatitis A and hepatitis B can also be transferred through saliva. Infectious mononucleosis as well. The flu and strep throat can be coming your way, too.

And then think of why anti-vaxers really are the weak link in the chain of humanity and the strong one in the chain of infection.

(Their Facebook page is closed to the public, by the way. They have something to fear, and they should. I hear the postal inspectors frown on pathogens in the mail.)

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