Keep the government out of healthcare! (Except in Texas)

I’ve always said that Texas was like it’s own country. Actually, it was it’s own country for about ten years back in the 1830s, but this isn’t a history blog. Anyway, a law in Texas went into effect to force women who want to have an abortion to be submitted to a sonogram. Furthermore, the physician performing the sonogram and/or abortion is compelled to explain to the woman all that is being seen in the sonogram. See, on the one hand, Texans want the government out of the patient-provider relationship. On the other, they want the government deep inside the patient-provider relationship. Deeper, I’d care to guess, than the fetus itself.

Don’t take my word for it. Read the law yourself.

Supporters of the law will tell you that they just want the woman to be well informed about the procedure she is about to undergo. By saying that, they are implying that providers who provide abortion services are mischievous and don’t tell women everything that goes into having an abortion. Somehow, the medical board is not good enough to catch these sneaky providers. Current laws in Texas are not enough. No, to serve those poor women who are apparently being tricked into abortions, the law was passed.

Opponents of the law will tell you that the law imposes itself on providers, telling them how to perform a medical procedure. They will also tell you that the law does not exclude victims of rape and incest, making them go through yet another medical procedure (the sonogram) in their ordeal.

What gives, though? Rick Perry, who signed the Texas bill into law, decried “Obamacare” as the government interfering in healthcare. But that is exactly what the law is doing in Texas. I guess it’s a “state’s rights” thing or something, like how Mitt Romney detests “Obamacare” but a very similar law was good enough for Massachusetts when he was the governor there.

So we’ll see what happens now that the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals has said that the law in Texas can be enforced while it winds itself through the legal system. It appears to be headed to the Supreme Court, and we’ll have a “Roe v. Wade” type mess on our hands all over again.