The crazy takes it all the way up to 11

Last time, I told you about an anti-vaccine activist who seems to have some “issues” when it comes to his mental health. Why is it my opinion that he does? Because he has made it his life mission to try and get a law school professor fired over her pro-vaccine activism. In that last post, I showed you how he put her school’s contact information out on the web for anyone with an anti-vaccine bone in their body to go after her. Well, I learned today that he has taken the crazy level all the way up past ten and into 11.

Mr. Lloyd Phillips* has decided to put his old-school HTML know-how into use and created this web page**. It’s quite a bit of crazy, beginning with his “terms of use”. Those terms of use claim that any word copied from his possibly libelous website will cost you $10,000 per word. If you decide to use any of his words in a court of law, it will cost you $60,000 per word. He backs this all up by citing Internet Archive v. Suzanne Shell. This is where we find out that our litigious bag o’ nuts has no foot to stand on. The court in that case dismissed all claims of theft or copyright abuse or racketeering (yes, racketeering) because the claim that copying a site’s content to file away in an internet archive doesn’t mean that someone has stolen your property. Likewise, merely citing what you say or write and giving you proper attribution doesn’t mean your words or ideas are being stolen, so long as you are properly cited and given credit for them. Continue reading