From DC to Texas, An Anti-Vaccine Loon Goes Pro (Kinda)

It is with mixed feelings that I report to you that our favorite American Loon has graduated from George Washington University with a Master of Public Health degree in Epidemiology. (Why he writes of himself in the third person is still a mystery.) That is the sad part. The exciting part is that he is now a PhD candidate at the University of Texas School of Public Health. He hasn’t mentioned which campus, but it will probably be close to his deity, his god-on-Earth, his Jesus-Gandhi figure, one Andrew Jeremy Wakefield.

As to why the University of Texas would accept such an outspoken anti-vaccine loon advocate like him, one needs to know only one thing. This person here in this link is our loon’s anti-vaccine advocate’s uncle, on his mother’s side. That person is on the board of regents of the University of Texas system. I’m sure this is just a coincidence, since conflicts of interest is something “Loony” has learned to hate (though not understand). Worse yet, the uncle has been a big supporter of Texas Governor Rick Perry, who, according to popular anti-vaccine lore, was in the pocket of Big Pharma because he mandated the HPV vaccine for girls in Texas.

I’ve asked “El Loono” to explain his three degrees of separation from Big Pharma (Perry-Uncle-Loon), but he is yet to respond. Now that he’s at program not even ranked in the top ten in the nation (unlike my friend Ren, who is at the top program), we can expect nothing but continued “loonacy” with a tinge of validation that only the devout anti-vaccine followers will swallow hook, line, and sinker. You, my dear two or three readers, know better, thank God.