It didn’t take the nutjobs long

That didn’t take long, did it? As soon as the public health authorities recommended that boys receive the HPV vaccine, the anti-vaccine crowd suddenly cried out in horror. Unfortunately, they were not suddenly silenced. (Yes, yes, it’s a Star Wars reference, and I’m sure at least one anti-vaccine nut will say that I mean they should be killed when I write “silenced”. Whatever.) Not only do these bozos not understand basic biologic, chemical, and scientific concepts, they don’t seem to understand the concept of vectors. Would you like to learn more?

Yeah, so vectors are living organisms that carry disease without necessarily suffering any ill effects themselves. Of course, I’m being humorous in calling boys vectors, but they pretty much behave that way. They go from one susceptible person (usually a girl) to another (usually another girl) carrying whatever diseases they can. Homosexuality is not THAT common for women to spontaneously catch a disease from each other – or from nowhere.

Yes, some will say that promiscuous girls will catch the diseases from their actions, but you’re not going to stand there with a serious face and tell me that boys had nothing to do with it. Boys have just as much to do with HPV transmission as girls do, if not more. One boy can have sex with many girls, while it is much less likely that one girl will have sex with many girls. (Go ahead, prove me wrong… With data.)

Still, others will say that HPV is no big deal for boys since they are lacking a cervix. No cervix, no cervical cancer, right? Well, yes, you’re right, but boys have penises, anuses, and throats. And HPV can cause cancer in all of those regions. Sure, it may not be as common as cervical cancer, but it still happens. And, because it happens, and because boys will give HPV to girls, getting the boys vaccinated against the really bad types of HPV only makes goddamn sense.

So go back to your Buddhas, your temples, your massage parlors… No, wait. That’s a song.

So go back to your blogs, Facebook groups, and “online newspapers” that are totally anti-science and anti-vaccine. You make no sense. You never have. Get back to me when you have data.