Last night I had the strangest dream

It wasn’t a dream.

I just woke up in a pool of my own cold sweat after watching this “trailer” of a “movie”:

Where to begin? Where to begin? Autism recovery? I can’t… I can’t… I JUST CAN’T!

I wish that autism were curable, but that’s just not the case if you listen to all the available, reputable, reproducible evidence. Do kids with autism get “better”? Yes. Autism is a developmental delay. Like a train running behind, at one point, the train will catch up to some milestone that will make it be on its way to its destination. Many children with autism will reach those milestones, but not because they’re any less autistic.

Heck, it doesn’t even make sense to say that there is better or worse autism. Yes, there is a spectrum, but it’s not like — given a chance — one would pick one form of autism over another.

If these seven children were given something miraculous to rid them of their autism, why is that miracle not being published in journals? Why are neurologists not hosting press conferences to announce the end of autism?



I have a headache. I’m out.

You know how threats go, right? (UPDATED AGAIN)

This woman doesn’t. Not only did she threaten someone through the phone, leaving a message, but she her target posted it on YouTube. Talk about “exploding the internet”.

If she takes it down, I’ve downloaded it and will update this blog post accordingly.

The caller in that recording did not post the video. The person who received it Someone did.

I don’t have time to get into an analysis of the video and what she says, but just listen to her carefully. Listen to what she threatens to do if anti-vaccine people are not left alone.

And, is it just me, or is there a hint of antisemitism sprinkled in?

Anyway, here’s the transcript:

“Hi, uh, Doreen (?), my name is Holly. Um, and I was actually just calling, because I wanted to let you know that I found out your address… um… where you live in South Bay with your, uh, husband. And I just want to let you know that I am going to be posting that very, very, very publicly, uh, on Facebook if your group does not leave some of the… uh… antivaxers alone. Um. So just take this as a word of warning, uh, miss professor of law. I do know how… You do know hows these things work, these threats work, right? Um…  But I will be calling the police and reporting you for harassment. I will also be blowing up the internet, showing your address and all of that. Just want to let you know. Um. So if you don’t leave us alone, we’re, we’re going to do this to you. Ok. Great. Well, have a good day. Bye-bye.”

I emphasized in bold the part where she outright admits that it’s a threat.


After denying it over and over again, the woman who made the threatening phone call has come clean and apologized:

So maybe this is the end of it… For now.

Copy pasta made with Google noodles

Last time, I wrote to you about this video on YouTube. The creator of that video filled it with misinformation and – in my opinion – lies about vaccines. When I countered her claims with a video of my own, she decided to show up in the comments section of my video and try to start up something. She wrote this as her first salvo:

“A study led by Dr. David Witt, chief of infectious disease at the Kaiser Permanente Medical Centerin San Rafael, shows the effect of the whooping cough vaccine lasts only about three years. Also, young children who get a series of recommended vaccinations are 20 per cent more likely to contact the disease three or more years after the treatmentWhitt said: ‘I was disturbed to find maybe we had a little more confidence in the vaccine than it might deserve.”

She failed to mention a couple of things, and I pointed it out to her:

“More cherry picking of quotes, Ms. Ferguson? Dr. Witt continued the discussion to conclude that a booster shot was needed and that the booster shot was preferable to the actual disease. Why do you only post the information that suits your goals, Ms. Ferguson? If you are intellectually dishonest here, how much of it is in your videos and your stories?”

It didn’t stop there.
She continued:

“In what can only be described as a reoccuring theme, another ‘outbreak’ of the Whooping Cough is occuring in the US, this time in Pensylvania. Once again, this outbreak is occuring in those vaccinated against the disease. Of course, the excuse for why this is occuring is ‘bad batch’. Sure, the outbreak in CA where 2 out of 3 were fully vaccinated also had a bad batch and so was the 12 cases last week in Wisconsin. …..”

My response? Here:

“Intellectual dishonesty at its best. You fail to mention that the epidemiology of these outbreaks, and many more, shows us that children who are vaccinated are far less likely to be part of the outbreak. Why do you not mention that? Was it not included in your anti-vaccine talking points about whooping cough outbreaks? You can post all the anti-vaccine propaganda you want, but we’ll gladly counter it as many times as we need to, Ms. Ferguson.”

That must have made her mad, because here is her latest message, one that took the cake (emphasis is mine):

“I cannot have a discussion via youtube comments without the ability to type more than 500 characters or include links. You started this by using a forum for something it isn’t designed for. I just sent two quick copy and pasted texts from a google search to stop this craziness. Of course I have much better evidence. I do not wish to continue spending time with you though. what good would it do? I’m busy recovering my daughter from her vaccine injuries. please stop writing. thank you.”

Okay. What… The… Heck?

What craziness? I guess me putting her in her place when she is being intellectually dishonest by pointing out the flaws in her arguments means that there is “craziness” about.

This is my last message to her, and that’s it:

“Stop writing? YOU’RE THE ONE COMING OVER HERE TO COMMENT, MS. FERGUSON. I know you might be confused with science and technology, but DON’T COME OVER TO MY CHANNEL AND TELL ME WHAT TO DO. Got it? Now, for your way of “quick copy and pasted texts from a google search”, thank you. You’ve clearly explained how you did all that faulty research in your “We Need To Talk” video. No wonder it’s full of lies. Good luck “recovering” your daughter with that goddamn logic.”

She  might think her daughter will be “recovered” with some copy pasta made with google noodles.