This blog was originally intended to discuss the chapters in a short-ish story that I’m writing titled “The Poxes“. It’s a story of what would happen if the anti-vaccine forces in this world were to succeed. Inspired by a colleague of mine who blogged a lot about public health but was told not to do so, I decided to become his voice online and blog about the anti-vaccine and anti-science groups and individuals who are making our world a dangerous place. That said, all opinions are my own and don’t represent the opinion(s) of others.

This blog also has a few simple rules, besides the commenting policy. First, I try to not name any names. I’ll link to the people in question, though. The reason for this is that some people who are very active in the anti-vaccine (and anti-science) circles like to google their names and attack accordingly. I don’t want to attract them. If they stumble onto the blog on their own, that’s their thing. Second, I try to stick to the issues. You are not wrong because you’re a “poopy head” or have pending litigation against you. You’re wrong because you’re wrong. Likewise, you are right because the evidence and the science backs up your claim.