Creepy New Stalker?

Remember Jacqueline from the other day? She keeps activating her Facebook profile to contact me, and it’s creeping me out:

“aawwww…I am sorry. I didn’t realize you wrote an insult to me. I didn’t mean to ignore you…you are just kind of something to make me laugh after I am done read the important stuff. Thank you though. You are so cute. Like a puppy growling at his reflection. Let me know when you want to be a big boy and take the batman jammies off.”

Cute like a puppy? She wants to take my “jammies” off? Ugh.

If you’ll excuse me, I’ll be in the shower, scrubbing myself down with the toilet bowl cleaner. (It’s probably cleaner than how that woman just made me feel.)


Her and the weirdo John Stone could be one and the same. I haven’t confirmed it, but their obsession with me is creeping me out, man.


8 thoughts on “Creepy New Stalker?

  1. I think she’s the real deal, who just happens to have a schoolgirl crush on you, Reuben.

    John D. Stone is a head case who has a schoolboy crush on Mr. Wakefield, which causes his to go on the attack against anyone who criticizes ex-doctor Mr. Wakefield.

    • You could be right. It is very obvious that she has nothing better to do that activate her Facebook profile, find mine, think of what to say and then write it. I guess the millions of dollars take care of the kids, not her. Still, it really makes me feel weird that she would devote so much time and effort to me.

      • Awwww…Reuben. Doesn’t it make you feel all warm and cozy? (/sarcasm). Actually…this activating/inactivating her account is weird. I don’t get why she would do that. I don’t check my FB every day, but I don’t turn the account on and off!

        • She activates it, sends me a message, then quickly deactivates is. I guess she doesn’t want me to reply? I don’t know. Who knows what her home life is life that she feels the need to send me these “cutesy” messages.

  2. I’ve long observed, some people attract people with character, others attract characters.
    You are an exception, as you manage to attract both people with character and well, characters.

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