In case you were wondering how evil the anti-vaccine cult can get

I know that you probably won’t be surprised to hear how evil the anti-vaccine zealots can get over the topic of vaccination. But, just in case you think that theirs is a religion of peace, let’s take a look at what is happening in California right now.

State Senator Richard Pan, a pediatrician, has proposed legislation that does away with the personal belief exemption from vaccination requirements for school. That’s all the bill does. If an anti-vaccine parent wants their precious little snowflakes to go to school with the rest of society, then they need to due their civic duty and protect the most vulnerable from vaccine-preventable diseases. Hey, everyone does this for them, so it’s time that they do it for others.

In no place within the bill does it state that children would be forced to be vaccinated. There are no civil or criminal penalties for not vaccinating. Anti-vaccine cult members can continue to not vaccinate their children, but they can’t take advantage of herd immunity provided by the children of responsible parents. They also can’t erode herd immunity at a school level.

Sorry, creeps, but we took a vote, and we want you to be responsible if you’re going to be part of our society.

Of course, the anti-vaccine priests came out in full force and decided to brand Dr. Pan a traitor, a Nazi, and other choice adjectives, just like they do so much with Dr. Paul Offit. As a result of their anger, the California Capitol has had to be under a state of alert because…

“Emotions have flared as deliberations begin on SB 277 and anti-vaccine advocates lobby aggressively against the bill. At a raucous committee hearing last week, where several audience members were ejected, Democratic senators Holly Mitchell of Los Angeles and Bill Monning of Carmel chided opponents for calls to their offices that they said crossed the line.

The office of Sen. Ben Allen, a Santa Monica Democrat who is a co-author of Pan’s bill, declined to comment on whether he was also receiving threats or additional security.

Pan blamed the “vitriol” of prominent anti-vaccine advocates, such as Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., who apologized this week for calling the rise in autism, which he believes is linked to vaccines, a “holocaust.””

See, when a high priest like Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., stands up in front of his congregation and proclaims that vaccines are bringing about a “holocaust,” many if not all of the congregation members are going to collectively lose their goddamned minds. There’s no science in what RFK Jr. says. There’s no good evidence of what he stands for (or against, really). But why listen to evidence when the lies make you feel more comfortable?

RFK Jr. is not the only one stoking the flames. There are plenty in the anti-vaccine cult who are thirsty for blood. So stay safe out there, as you continue to fight the good fight.

4 thoughts on “In case you were wondering how evil the anti-vaccine cult can get

  1. What I don’t get is, why do anti-vaxxers want to send their kids to public school anyways? Since being anti-vax pretty much necessitates that you believe that the government is participating in a global conspiracy to harm children for profit, why would you want to entrust your kids’ safety to that same government by sending them to government-run schools? To use the anti-vaxers’ own analogy, that’d be like Jewish parents sending their kids to Hitler Youth meetings.

  2. We’ve just had the Federal government here in Australia flag that they are going to do away with the ‘conscientious objector” loophole regarding vaccinations and receiving benefits.
    (At present, if your child or children are not vaccinated, you can still receive family tax benefits and childcare rebates, if you are a conscientious objector and have a written letter from your doctor.)
    This can be a reduction in the region of $15,000 per annum for some families.
    As you can imagine, the anti-vaxx quacks have lost their collective minds about this, believing that it is akin to the end of the world and that the government is blackmailing them into having vaccinations.
    All the government is doing is closing a loophole that currently exists, and requires people to actually fulfil the requirements to receive payments for having their kids vaccinated; that is, they
    The government hasn’t made it mandatory for people to vaccinate their kids, and they can still receive the payment if there is a medical reason why they can’t be vaccinated, but the conscientious objector loophole is being closed.
    Sadly, but predictably, this distinction has been lost on the anti-vaxx quacks, much like the line between logic and absurdity that anti-vaxx quacks have such trouble recognising.

    PS: From one Big Pharma shill to another, keep up the great work. Let’s hope that the world government, the lizard men and the reverse vampires can keep spraying the chemtrails so that our eugenics program can continue it’s work unabated. 🙂

  3. I’m disgusted with the anti-vaxxers in CA and elsewhere. I so hope this bill is passed and that the legislators aren’t deterred by the evil nutters. And they are truly evil.

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