Joe Gooding wants to smear you at all costs if you even hint at liking the idea of vaccination


Don’t say I didn’t warn all of y’all. When you told me you wanted to defend science and look after the herd, I told you that people would come along and attack you personally, especially when they can’t put 2 brain cells together to come up with a coherent argument against vaccination. I also told you that they would come after your family, friends, and anyone else connected to you.

Alright, if I didn’t tell you then, I’m telling you now. People like Joe Gooding will come after you and post your personal picture (albeit altered) all over the net to raise anger against you. Who is Joe Gooding? Aside from probably the biggest douche this side of the Mississippi, Joe Gooding has a blog that is chock-full of anti-vaccine lies and misinformation. If you can dream up something (whatever it is) against vaccines, he’s probably covered it on his blog.

Correction. He hasn’t covered it on his blog. Others have. He just takes others’ work and puts it up on his blog.

Speaking of others’ work. Joe Gooding has taken a picture of Dorit Reiss and spread it far and wide on Twitter, because… Because he’s creepy, that’s why.


He and his friends are hilariously trying to start up a hashtag to smear Dorit and others over their support of vaccines. Because, you see, if you own stock in GSK (a pharmaceutical company), then you have a conflict of interest for defending the science of all vaccines. In Joe Gooding’s world, all of “Big Pharma” is in cahoots, so it doesn’t matter if you support one vaccine or another. What matters is that you become a target, and Joe Gooding and his friends think that it’s okay.


Not only do they think it’s okay to post people’s pictures online and accuse them of all sorts of crazy things, they also think that they themselves are untouchable. I find this to be hilarious because just a few keystrokes can help anyone figure out who, or what, Joe Gooding is. And I can tell you that he is a nobody. Just another angry anti-vaccine cult member who likes to wax misogynistic online but would probably run and hide in person if, say, I were sitting here in Harrisburg, close enough to smell his stench… For example. I have better things to do in Harrisburg, though.

Joe Gooding is the kind of online bully who suffers, horribly, from the Dunning-Krueger effect. In essence, he thinks he knows better than actual experts, and he smears anyone he finds intellectually superior to him:

“As you may know, there is an ongoing intense public debate around the issue of Mandatory Vaccination. This debate has spilled over into social media forums, such as Twitter and Facebook, with passionate debate on both sides. However, the Pro-Forced Vaccine element has attempted to marginalize the Vaccine Choice supporters with the completely made up term “Anti-Vax”. They frequently link users to a site where this definition is articulated.”

Yet another deluded idiot who thinks his anti-vaccine views are not anti-vaccine. Big surprise.

“In an attempt to be balanced, I have created the term “Vax Shill” (#vaxshill) and will articulate it here. These are the characteristics and behaviors of those who would force vaccination upon you, which include, but are not limited to:”

I don’t think Joe Gooding knows what balanced is, because the list he spews off includes such unbalanced things as:

“Thinks Paul Offit is not a pile of shit liar, pays zero attention to any conflicts of interest, but doesn’t hold the same for those with opposing views.”


“Uses ad hominem attacks when given any data, referring to individual as “Dunning Kruger”. Claims you must be a doctor or scientist to opine on vaccines or their safety.”

I don’t think Dunning-Kruger is an ad hominem. It’s calling a deluded idiot a deluded idiot, Joe Gooding. Nothing more. Nothing less.

Finally, this gem:

“Rejects religious freedom, gun ownership rights, and medical choice. Claims moral conscience is not a right to decline vaccination. Denies aborted fetal cells are in vaccines, until shown they are. Then admits to it.”

Because, you know, religious freedom and gun ownership are directly tied in to whether vaccines work or don’t. That’s the level of genius Joe Gooding puts on display. And his post above? His announcement of it on Twitter comes with this doctored picture, also of Dorit Reiss:


So don’t say I didn’t warn you when you decide to take on the anti-vaccine cult and their idiotic statements. They will go to your Facebook profile, pull out pictures of you and your family, read too much into comments and innuendo that others make about you, and they will smear you… They’ll smear the heart out of you.


Anti-vaccine cult members make the best villains.

UPDATE, Joe Gooding responds:


He blocked me on twitter and, from what I hear, is rubbing butt paste on his butthurt.

So now we know that Joe Gooding doesn’t know what “fascist” and “apocryphal” mean. For a libertarian, Tea Party, truther, birther, he doesn’t seem to have a good grasp of the English language.

29 thoughts on “Joe Gooding wants to smear you at all costs if you even hint at liking the idea of vaccination

  1. I can’t believe considering the clear coorelation between [ multiple] vaccines in short time frames and the great rise in autism that you people can’t or refuse to see the truth and it will cost you as it is with these children 11 Thess 2 : 10 Niv bible .
    I ask all of you would you give a strong cup of coffee to a 2yr old ?, of course not, because the caffeine would overwhelm the not yet fully developed nervous system of most 2 yr olds ,how much more these powerful vaccines which incidently contain a type of mercury a known disrupter of the nervous system .
    Autism was unheard of before the inception of multiple vaccines , show me one child that turned out autistic that neither the expectant mother , infant , nor child didn’t receive even one vaccine and then I will concede multiple vaccines do not cause autism .This isn’t about intelligence, it’s just simple reasoning, which none of you want to admit to Isa 44 : 17 -19 Niv bible .
    It’s a fact that all or most of the viruses are not life threatening like measles , chicken pox, etc., I would much rather take a chance which is very small that my child dies from the measles than a much greater chance it’s life is ruined by these junkie vaccines that contain all kinds of terrible ingredients like nail polish , aborted fetal tissue, mercury etc . And remember lifelong immunity only comes through or by natural processes not immunization.
    It’s all about money 1 Tim 6 : 10 Niv bible , please don’t tell me about the ethical virtues of Doctors, learning [ intelligence] doesn’t neccessarily make you moral or ethical.
    I can’t believe you would all be this evil to suppress the clear truth Rom 1 : 18 Niv bible of why this condition has become so prevalent if not epidemic.
    One last point, just because most who are vaccinated do not become autistic means nothing , they simple didn’t have a reaction , or they had stronger nervous systems at that stage of development than the ones who do become autistic , they had genetically weaker nervous systems as we all have or are born with ,that’s why one person can smoke 3 packs of cigarettes all their life and never get lung cancer while another person gets cancer after only say a couple of years of smoking, they were born with a poor respitory ability [ genetically] to rid their lungs of chemicals etc

    • Bill, this is your last warning to keep religion out of it. If you want to discuss bible verses, I’m sure there’s a church where you can do that. Here, we discuss science. Bring the science or go away. Again, last warning. One more Bible verse and you’re banned and gone from this forum.

      • , Rueben, that’s fine I will abide by your guidelines , but are you not going to address the simple salient points I presented , like autism being unheard of before the practice of multiple vaccs in short time frames , and the strong cup of coffee analogy, and some infants nervous systems just weaker than most children at that age , or just having a reaction ?.
        You said it’s about science, how about simple reasoning skills like the above I brought forth .

        • Autism has always been around. We used to put autistic children away and not show them to the world out of shame. Or we would kill them, like some parents still do. The book “Neurotribes” by Steve Silberman will cover this at great length and very well cited. You might not read the book, though. Mr. Silberman is a wonderfully homosexual man, and that may conflict with your world view, just like straight science does.

          The strong cup of coffee analogy doesn’t apply. Vaccines don’t work on dose response. For example, I don’t require a bigger dose of a virus to get sick than a child. Whatever age and size, our immune system doesn’t act on doses.

          Simple reasoning skills? You lost those when you ate the vaccine-autism lie Hook(er), line and sinker.

        • “The above I brought forth” was religious tracts, should we bring every faith’s tracts into a discussion on science if we can twist them to support what isn’t supported by experiment, studies, research and observation?

          Your standard is such that emphysema did not exist until 1837, then we were lousy with the new disease. COPD, which includes emphysema didn’t exist until 1965, then we were lousy with the new COPD. Why? Chronic bronchitis, asthma, emphysema and more were added in under the new term, COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), a collection of diseases with many of the same treatments in common.
          What diagnostic standards are expanded, the ignorant believe that there is a drastic increase of the disease that the diagnostic standards were expanded for.
          That is the case with autism, where it was a specific disease, it was later realized it is a wide spectrum of various different behavioral traits.
          When diagnostic standards are narrowed, it appears to the ignorant that sets of diseases have decreased under the diagnosis with the wider, but incorrect wider set of symptoms, lab results, etc. That isn’t true, but those who don’t understand diagnostic criteria can and do change and that impacts numbers of cases of diseases in a superficial manner, when one examines why, one finds the changed parameters for that specific diagnosis.

          But, I’ll conditionally suggest that there may be a slightly elevated autism rate, compared to before vaccines existed. After all, if the child died early from communicable disease, they can’t be diagnosed with a syndrome or disease that manifests itself at a later stage in life.
          Or more simply, you can’t grow up if you’re dead.

    • Ten thousand studies prove the polar opposite of the tripe you spew. Oh, faith and not detailed, painstaking studies are all that matter to you.
      But, if you hate money so much, feel free to toss some my way. We’ve got $40 for the week to eat on, as it’s mortgage week.

      Now enlighten us how a child has a “genetically weaker nervous system”, as genetics are largely stuck for life in the same modes. Do the genes get harder like concrete does while curing?

      Are all of your passages valid for Muslims, Hindus, the various Native American faiths, Australian aborigines and well, every other faith on the planet?
      Or is your bronze age book, thrice edited for content, mistransliterated as many times the only valid source of information? If so, what passages tell you what to do at a specific colored traffic light?
      Even better, shove your faith where the sun doesn’t shine and I won’t inflict my deism onto you. Stick with established facts in favor of your provided bovine defecation.
      I’ve been personally present to watch measles and polio wipe out many of a village’s children. It wasn’t a pleasant experience for the populace of that village, myself or my team. I’ll fight you to the last drop of your blood before I’ll let you bring those horrors back to the nation I’ve dedicated my life to defend.

    • I wonder if bill knows that he is breaking the 8th commandment Thou shall not bear false witness” repeatedly

      Also, [citation needed] for your assertions, since they fly in the face of established science.

    • Geez, have you never watched Game of Thrones? Hello… Hodor was obviously autistic, and this was like, you know, during the 15th century. When dragons, witches, and magic were all real and stuff.

      • Hey, magic is real even today.
        Our grandchildren’s smiles most certainly are magic! 😉
        As for witches, there is always the obligatory mother-in-law joke…

        Uh oh, put *down* that wet trout!

  2. joe gooding wouldn’t know fascism if it hit him in the face. Having helped refugees from countries with totalitarian and fascist regimes and hearing their stories, many of them harrowing, they would laugh in the face of mr gooding before telling him what fascism is really like

  3. I rarely get attacked, and I’m pretty harsh. I don’t know what this fixation on Dorit is, though I suspect it’s a combination of misogyny, anti-Semitism, and ignorance. Oh, and probably because she is so civil, it drives them nuts.

    They are a hateful crowd.

    • Well, I thought this too, but with sufficient goading they turned their attention to me and started posting stolen images of me with penises PSDed on. Classy.

      Her civility does drive them nuts. I think they think she is our “leader”… Alison doesnt tweet much.

      • They’re welcome to post my picture, if they can find it.
        Of course, I’m also sitting two miles from Fort Meade and I have some good friends at the end of the base with its own exit. I’ll happily fight ultra dirty. 😉

          • Perhaps we and Ren can pop out for a beer some evening.
            Ren and I were supposed to meet up, schedules were a bit off. Now that I’m on day shift, it’d be workable.

            • That’d be great. I am currently on vacation, but back in a week.

              Perhaps mid to end of August?

              • Hopefully, I’ll still be in the area. Company relocation hit a snag, which is why I’m still in the area, but the company is starting to get impatient.

  4. Oh, and I noticed an awful lot of the items on his list can be readily applied to people on his side of the cray-cray.

    • And I do love that he complains about the quote in the pic of him as being a lie when he does the same thing to others. Ah, irony.

  5. Ah, Joe Gooding. He is a class act. I’ve encountered him a few times. Part of what prompted him to write that post was my calling him out for labeling me a shill. He decided that since he couldn’t get away with the dictionary definition, he’d become just another Humpty Dumpty and create his own.

      • Nah, two of my three grandchildren behaved far better than he at age 3. For that matter, I behaved far better back then.
        It’s simple really, as to what he is.
        He’s an incompetent, myopic anencephalic misanthrope. To be truthful, I’m being generous.
        But, to give the full extent wouldn’t be proper for polite company.

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