Anti-vaccine activists are killing physicians left and right, maybe

I love a good conspiracy theory as much as the next guy, but mostly in the context of a good novel of movie. In real life, multi-national conspiracies that reach down all the way to the everyday person are pretty much non-existent. Sure, big companies can and do get together from time to time to map out their next moves, but such meetings are hardly private. One of the biggest and most powerful cartels in the world, OPEC, gets together and sets the price of oil. That right there is something that affects us all deeply. If they wanted to, they could jack up the price of a gallon of gasoline to a point so expensive that it would bring our economy to a screeching halt. It wouldn’t be in their best interest since the dollar is tied to their revenues, but they could do it if they lost the goddamned minds.

The same is true with “Big Pharma.” If Big Pharma wanted to kill all of us, fast or slow, their plans would become unraveled so fast that hardly anyone would get hurt. Now, I know that some of you reading this want to believe that pharmaceutical representatives get together and plot on how to hide evidence of drugs causing harm or drugs that cure cancer, but that’s just not the case. The biggest weakness in such plots would be the individuals involved in those plots.

Think about it. How much would you have to get paid to hide a complex plot to hurt people?

And the US Government? Come on! Have you seen the blunders by the over-blown bureaucracy we have going on? There are leaks about the government’s activities left and right. There are hardly any secrets any more because even the most powerful among us rely on less powerful people to get their evil deeds done, and those less powerful (in seeking more power) ask for fame and/or fortune to keep a plot going, making it all fall down. Seriously, for the US Government to have some big, convoluted project going on to deceive all of us is incredibly unlikely.

That’s were we are with vaccines. Even with the claims of a “whistleblower,” and “conflicts of interest” between pharmaceutical companies and the regulatory agencies that oversee them, the evidence of an autism-vaccine connection continues to be flimsy at best. With all of us walking around with smartphones, no one has video evidence of their child becoming autistic after being vaccinated? No one has before and after video of this, even with all the claims to the contrary?

Better yet, with all the money that hapless souls pour into sham treatments, none of that money has been used to coordinate the long-desired “vaccinated vs. unvaccinated” study that so many anti-vaccine advocates want? With the academic affiliations of all those anti-vaccine zealots with MD and PhD after their name, they can’t come up with a feasible study and conclusive results? If there’s a conspiracy somewhere, my money would be on the anti-vaccine machine trying to keep going their illusion of vaccines being bad. They’ve had all the chances to prove it, yet their papers keep being retracted for being so awfully incompetent.

The latest conspiracy is that “they” are killing anti-vaccine-friendly quacks. By “they” I mean “the government,” “Big Pharma,” or whatever conspiracy theory fits the order of the day. For example, Dr. Jeffrey Bradstreed died of a self-inflicted gunshot would to the chest days after his offices were raided by federal agents. The raid came as part of an investigation into the illegal and unethical use of a drug to “treat” autism. The drug was being manufactured in less-than-desirable conditions in Europe and shipped to Bradstreet. He would then use it on autistic children, with poor results and charging the parents a ton of cash. When the jig was up, he drove out into the boonies and offed himself.

Of course, it is not possible that Bradstreet would commit suicide. Other quacks, like Andrew Wakefield, say that Bradstreet had no reason to do this. Never mind the fact that his world was crumbling down, and that federal charges were sure to come along with civil suits for malpractice. Anti-vaccine activists are raising money to investigate the suicide further, because, true to form, they can’t live with the evidence that experts come up with. They have to stubbornly question everything that doesn’t fit into their narrative of the world.

Before and after Bradstreet, other “alt-med” practitioners have died under different circumstances. In the death of Dr. Amanda Crews, a man was arrested for her murder and those of others. Although her murder has been cleared, it doesn’t mean anything to the “true believers.” They’re eating up any mention of a death of someone associated with “holistic medicine” and chalk it up to a big conspiracy because, in a nation of over 320 million people, people dying from suicide after their world crumbles, or from frailty at old age, or from any number of other reasons means only one thing: The Government is killing them in collusion with other big groups.

Well, I’d like to start my own conspiracy for you, if I may. I’d like to start a conspiracy where anti-vaccine activists are killing physicians left and right by using their own language:

Isn’t it eerie that so many physicians are dying so close in time to each other? Doesn’t it strike you as odd? In the last month, this trauma physician, this emergency physician, this other emergency physician, this pulmonologist, and this pediatric cancer specialist have all died. Pay no attention to the official causes of death, ladies and gentlemen, because the truth is out there. These physicians all died in a matter of the last month alone. That’s too much of a coincidence. And the fact that they died in different parts of the country points to a very powerful force behind their deaths.

My money’s on death as being that powerful force that touches (or will touch) every one of us, but you’re free to think for yourself and not be a sheeple. Open your eyes!

8 thoughts on “Anti-vaccine activists are killing physicians left and right, maybe

    • It’s just a damned shame that we, as well as the overwhelming majority of the populace died!

      We *are* dead, right?

      • No, the fact that we are alive shows that death is not deadly, just like the fact that so many get over measles shows that measles is not a big deal.

        • Well, I personally detest days that I wake up dead. It totally ruins any weekend plans I have.
          Oh well, being undead is a far superior recovery and tends to enhance weekend plans.

  1. If this Grand Conspiracy of the Space Aliens is true, why is Wakefield still above the dirt? If the magical conspiracy is so powerful, Wakefield would be “public enemy number one”.
    But, he’s still about, kicking rocks, proclaiming bullshit.

    Meanwhile, I’m aware of several real, actual conspiracies. Things like arms for hostages, previously, with both nations, the replacement of a democratic nation with a puppet regime with a Shah screwing things up until overthrown and now that nation is really, really angry with us.
    Unlike antivaxxers,I provide citations.'%C3%A9tat

    For the record, in the Iran-Contra mess, I’ll say as a military retiree, a Lieutenant Colonel doesn’t have the level of authority or responsibility to accomplish things that Oliver North did. One has to have a suit or a constellation of stars on their hat to move such things about with any degree of ease. Even with stars on one’s hat, it’s difficult in the extreme, without Presidential approval.
    So, *that* was a real conspiracy.
    As usual, befitting our national infamy, we couldn’t even keep that secret.
    The United States of America is infamous for one thing, the sheer inability to keep any secret whatsoever. Our allies hate giving us sensitive information, as it’ll be in the news the following day.

    Which means only one thing, to actually have such a grand conspiracy that remains secret for a change, one would require space aliens to help keep it secret.
    After all, space aliens remain secret to everyone, even themselves. 😉

  2. The head of the effing CIA (Petraeus) couldn’t even manage to hide an extramarital affair, but they think that our governments could not only participate in a global conspiracy to hide evidence vaccines are unsafe/ineffective but manage to conceal its existence for decades?

    • The Manhattan Project didn’t manage to keep secrets.
      Enough said.
      Secrets of import are not secret, to the desperation of our allies.
      But, it’s overall worked out well in the end.
      Iran-Contra being an exception that all know far too well and proving that theory.

      Hell, the secret version of “Operation Ajax”, being the removal of a democratic government in Iran, only adds a few names of modest import.
      I recall that for one reason, both articles were verbatim, save for the removal of a few secondary and tertiary officers names.

      Of interest, WW I has some secrets that still remain.
      Oddly, they’re TS, alphabet soup and bigot list.
      I might actually survive to see the day when they’re aired.
      I don’t hold out hope to live to see it, as my life has been *very* interesting, dammit.
      Now, worshiping boring and uneventful.

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