Vote for 2015’s Douchebag of The Year

Thank you all for your nominations in the comments, Twitter, Facebook and via email. It’s time to vote. Voting will be open until January 1, 2016, at midnight Eastern Standard Time.

GO VOTE NOW. VOTE EARLY. VOTE OFTEN. Or you can use the form below:

5 thoughts on “Vote for 2015’s Douchebag of The Year

  1. Hi Reuben, it’s not even 6pm yet Pacific, and voting seems to be disabled.

    I thought I’d have more time to narrow it down.

    • Sorry. I had to go out and do something tonight, so I already closed it and scheduled the blog post. Life gets in the way sometimes.

      That said, who would you have voted for?

      • OK, I did vote for most of the panel “early and often” yesterday, but my ire is mostly directed at Jack Wolfson, with Hollie S. the Chicken Pox Party lady as a close second.

        While Sears and Gordon have greater reach, at least they’re astute enough to avoid publicly espousing eugenics. Well,Gordon anyway.

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