Autistic children are like chimps and dogs, don’t you know?

If you need any more proof of the kind of stupidity being thrown around by anti-vaccine loons, look no further than this video:

(Someone stored the whole video on Google Drive since these things tend to disappear.)

In the video, Del Bigtree is sitting at a table with some anti-vaccine luminaries talking about autistic children. Suddenly, he begins talking about autistics as dogs, chimps, and other animals. While he acknowledges that “it sounds wrong,” he keeps on going. And the others on the table just laugh and go along with it.

Del Bigtree is the producer behind Andrew Jeremy Wakefield’s high school A/V club project, by the way. He’s the guy trying to sell us the idea that autism is a catastrophe. He seems to now want to sell the idea that autistics are like dogs and chimps in their mental capacity or in their ability to communicate.

Jerk. I hope the money is worth it, Del.


3 thoughts on “Autistic children are like chimps and dogs, don’t you know?

  1. Unspeakably vile. A fat white moron describing other human beings, who may well be far more intelligent than him, as animals – and potentially dangerous animals at that.

  2. Jerk. I hope the money is worth it, Del.

    Sadly, he isn’t doing it for the money because “Vaxxed” isn’t exactly a blockbuster. He’s just a callous arsehole and those anti-vaxx parents just show they don’t give a rat’s posterior about their own children and see them as less than human. Looks like BigJerk has found his tribe.

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