Another day, another threat

What is it with people wanting to “out” the author(s) of this blog? Here’s a message I received on my personal Facebook account:

Screen Shot 2015-01-25 at 6.05.48 PMThe author seems to be “Jackie Murphy”, who we encountered in the post about the autism blood test that has some of us seriously wondering what the company is thinking in marketing such a thing. She “seems to be” Jackie because once this message was launched she quickly blocked me from contacting her back on Facebook. I have no clue what she means by a July 5th post about censorship, and I don’t have the time to read her mind. There’s a measles outbreak going on.

So go ahead, Jackie, waste all the time and money you want to waste in creating your own blog and outing us. There’s four of us, so make sure to call us something like “The Four Horsemen” in order to really rile up the troops. Anti-vaccine, autism-is-curable people really seem to love themselves some Biblical rhetoric. (Or is it five of us? Or just one? Or none and we’re a robot?)

Or you could use all that time, effort, and money to take care of your autistic child. Your choice.


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  1. You are not blocked. I don’t always have my facebook page up, as I am busy caring for my kids. Feel free to contact me. In fact, I would be more than happy to meet with you and show you what we have gathered and learned. The sad thing here is that this is not a black or white situation. When people so adamantly dig their heels in on one side, it leaves no room for investigation. There is still plenty of area that needs investigation.

    Not all of us are genetically the same. I am just using this subset as an example…children diagnosed with SCID. Their immune systems are fragile. Not everyone can tolerate the burden of vaccines. I am not anti-vaccine. I do think we need more research. Having said that, I don’t think it is the only problem our kids are dealing with. I will learn from every angle and adopt what makes sense. I will continue to be open and honest and use my real name.

      • That’s how antivaxers work, inventing shit to justify bullshit.
        You know, Facebook suddenly works, based upon new laws of computing that don’t exist, children that have “fragile immune systems”.
        Whereas, here in the real world, Facebook works whether one is online or offline and children have phenomenally robust immune systems, which is why so many died during the Spanish influenza pandemic.

        • Not if the page is disabled by me closing the account.

          wzrd1….did you read the link I posted? Go take it up with those scientists and their crazy assertion that certain vaccines are contraindicated in this subgroup. Waste of my time.

          • You’re Facebook friends with: Andrew Wakefield, Ginger Taylor, Bob “Douchebag of the Year – 2014” Sears, Anne “Call The Flying Antivaccine Monkeys” Dachel, Dan “Poor and Pitiful” Olmsted, Julianna “Novax” Pearce, Angela “Vaccine Violence” Utley, and Mark “Eff” Blaxhill.

            Jackie, Jackie, Jackie… You must think we’re idiots. You honestly have sat there and told us that you are not anti-vaccine, yet this is the company you keep? Your Facebook friends list reads like a who’s who of anti-vaccine, anti-science and denialism. You probably smile and call us “morons” when we want to give you the benefit of the doubt that maybe you’re being reasonable in your stance against vaccines.

            But, Jesus Christ, you’re friends with Andrew Wakefield, with The Ginge, and the Age of Autism non-scientists. To top it off, you’re friends with Mark “Castrate Them All” Geier!

            Please, please, please tell us that you did not submit your child to the “lupron protocol” (chemical castration) by that man.

            I’ve taken screen shots of it all, by the way. And, I’m happy to say that you are a member of several Facebook groups that we have infiltrated. We look forward to screen shots of your anti-vaccine dealings in those groups. And the chemtrail group you belong to?

            “GROUP GOALS:
            1. To stop and prevent geoengineering

            2. To get an official response from our governments regarding chemtrails & geoengineering, thereby improving government transparency, and accountability

            3. To increase government integrity, police integrity, corporate integrity, banking integrity

            4. To make shareholders and consumers aware of the social and environmental importance of their purchasing decisions.”

            Holy crap, fellas! I think we hooked a live one!

            • Chemtrails? Oh, a shining example of crank magnetism. If she’s a 911 “troofer” as well, it would put the icing on the cake.

            • I read it all…because I am educating myself. Does not mean I buy into it. And yes…I do think you are idiots. Conversation over. Thank you.

              • Wow Jackie – chem trails? I thought the anti-vax thing was bad enough….never go full conspiracy Jackie.

                • Do you guys not read what I write? I said I am not anti-vaccine, nor do I buy into all I read. You are too easy…digging your own graves. But I do appreciate that. Thank you. You are darling to interact with. However, I am becoming bored.

                • Well, at one time, there *were* chemtrails. Utterly innocuous, but they existed. It seems that the SR-71 exhaust lit up brilliantly on radar, so some chemicals were added to the fuel to lower the radar signature.
                  But then, that’s the real world, where the innocuous is ignored. Meanwhile, the conspiracy theorist will find evil everywhere they look.

                    • Heh, when I was wearing “tree looking” clothing, those aircraft were “invisible”. They were really cool, but “they didn’t exist”.
                      Loved the green exhaust. šŸ™‚
                      Didn’t happen anywhere other than the ground, which made it cooler.

        • I am just going to start making my own rules in life then too. When I walk outside, I will fly. The first tree I see will be a money tree. Oh, and enough of this cold! Winter doesn’t exist any more!

          ……………………………………………………..Hmmmm, it seems SCIENCE and REALITY stopped my plan.

          • That’s OK, reality long ago stopped my more atavistic desire to rip someone’s cranium off and beat them over the head with it.

            Although, I’ll admit the temptation to attempt to attempt that very feat on a few a occasions, being civilized forced me to consider other options.
            Which resulted in the following tirade, “You incompetent, myopic, anencephalitic, arborial misanthrope. It degenerated from there.
            One resulted in my calling a suicide hotline for the tiradee.
            I’m only proud about calling for help. The tear down was well and truly deserved.

    • With your threat to “out” me, do you think it is reasonable to continue to allow you to post comments here?

      Why the threat? What would you get out of such a thing? With the death threats that some of us have gotten in the past from anti-vaccine activists (some of whom have featured your words and your image very prominently to advance their cause), why should we trust ANYTHING you say?

      • I have hardly threatened you. I have challenged you to be honest. I have taken some horribly harsh comments like the ones from wzrd1….saying he hoped I died bleeding from my eyes. Nothing I have said has matched any of that….I have only asked you to have an open mind and educate yourselves. You claim you are an epidemiologist with research to your name. Post it. Your facebook name is that of a famous epidemiologist from the 1800’s…not you. How is it that you are credited for taking fire from the front lines? You are hiding. I am exposed.. Honest…..up front in my experience. You are a coward and I suspect have an ulterior motive beyond truly helping others. I will be surprised if you post this.

        Here I am…the real deal. Who are you?

        • Nice try, Jackie. Your friend, The Weirdo John Stone has tried and tried and tried to get to the bottom of who I am. Jake Crosby, who I’m sure you know very well, has also tried. I believe even The Ging got in on the game at one time.

          Here’s the deal. Everything I write as a fact is supported by verifiable facts. I cite my sources. I don’t make claims based on flawed science or because my friends say so. I’m not hiding. I’m out in the open and everyone who knows me in person knows exactly who I am and that I write this blog. They even comment on here, some more than others.

          I find it hilarious that it bugs you to not know my real identity. It must be how the Joker felt about Batman… You being the joke more than the Joker, really.

          I must have an ulterior motive because no one ever dons a cape and mask to do good for goodness’ sake, right, Jackie?

          • Ok, Batman! Easy there. Don’t worry too much about me. You don’t have a real big following…so you can’t do too much damage. But you are fun. šŸ™‚

            • See, this is why your comments were being held in moderation. Now you’re just trolling, so back to moderation it is.

              BeeTeeDubs, it turns out we have a mole in one of your groups. Can’t wait to see what you’ve been posting though you’re not anti-vax. Good night, “Jack”.

    • Are you an expect on SCID now? I don’t think so. Here, meet Julia Mikol, who, along with her older brother was born with SCID. I actually met Julia and her parents Margaret and Yves after they set up SKIP of New York for children born with SCID and other medical technology dependent disabilities. Julia was the first recipient in New York and the second recipient in the United States to receive the Katie Beckett Medicaid Waiver in order for her to live out her short life at home:

      Now look at your autistic child and give him a big hug. Be grateful that he is not tethered to a respirator and will have a long life.

  2. I don’t know how people like you do it. Honestly. I just stop at the phrase ‘I hate people’. This consumes me, if I let it. To be on the front lines day after day . . . I have a great respect for the ‘authors’ (or one or a million OR are you really just one Dalek sent to destroy us via vaccines) of this blog. Thank you for all you do and all you put up with. It’s really too bad babies have to get sick to ONCE AGAIN vaccines are, in my opinion, the greatest advancement in our human history.

    • Thank you for the kind words. It’s all about balance. While it may seem that all I look into are vaccines, trust me when I tell you that I have my tentacles all over public health and all things epidemiological.

      • I have learned so much from this site over the years I have followed you. It astounds me now how many people in my life I never realized are anti-science. Even those that claim to be science minded. I started reading this blog, and others, to get my brain back in shape after having children. And wow what a change it has made. Thank you for that as well Reuben.

  3. I wish someone would draw a cartoon showing a medical aid worker with the caption “Our biggest hurdle in containing this disease outbreak has been dealing with the superstitious fears of an uneducated population” and then pulling back in the next frame to show a bunch of anti-vax parents like Jackie in front of Disneyland.

    • Regrettably, I’ve dealt with just that viewpoint, where *we* were the “evils of the west”, with some bullshit about sterilizing their children so we could move into their rather unfortunate environment.
      I’ve also dealt successfully with such an environment, in person.
      I’ve lost count, but I suspect my total oral polio vaccine load is 100 loads. If I’m wrong, it’s shy by only a modest sum.
      For one “objector’s” BS, I’ve “walked the walk”, personally being present for a simultaneous outbreak of measles and polio. That many tiny graves still haunt my nights.
      Far, far, far too many nights.
      And worse, *this* right now is my night.

      Now, please excuse me as I have a few more drinks of distilled spirits.
      Those memories do haunt me so much.

  4. Even money, her “blog” will be posts on AoA, where peer reviewed evidence is not permitted to meet the road.
    I saw her responses when you released them from the spam folder on your earlier post.

    ” It is one thing to be book smart and yet another to walk the walk.”

    Then, she wanted my real identification, I imagine to try to cause havoc in my own personal and professional life.

    Well, I have been “book smart” and “walked to the walk. I imagine she doesn’t have a clue what a Special Forces medic sees or does. I imagine that she doesn’t realized that we responded to epidemics in small villages throughout our areas of responsibility.
    I imagine that she thinks an experienced public health nurse also doesn’t see epidemics. I imagine that she can’t figure out what an epidemiologist sees and experiences.
    So, we’ll continue to walk the walk and let bullshit talk. But, we’ll respond to it, rather than let the steaming pile accumulate and stink up the place.

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