Survival of the fittest, vaccine preventable diseases and autism

We all know that anti-vaccine activists, especially the really rabid ones, have very little knowledge of science. They think that they can figure out the intricacies of the human immune system just by reading what Age of Autism or some other trashy website full of lies has to say on vaccines. They also think that they know what evolution is all about.

Here is “concerned momma” telling the minions at Age of Autism all about survival of the fittest:


That comment is in the discussion section of a most vile post by head anti-vaccine taskmaster JB Handley. Here’s the whole comment text:

“Oh! CNN actually is daring to let both sides speak on the issue and a woman mentioned the CDC whistleblower. An Arizona doctor even stated (and I quite agree with him) that his children are not responsible for the health of children with leukemia etc. I love that he just came out and said it. It seems to me that risking healthy children for all those that have grave health problems and may not live anyhow is not sensible. Survival of the fittest is rough but it is nature’s way and it’s that way for a reason. Pharma just loves to play on this angle, meanwhile they don’t give a damn about none who is vaccine- injured. How convenient for them.”

According to “concerned momma”, you can’t risk the 1 in a million chance of some reaction to a vaccine in a healthy child just to keep healthy children with leukemia or some other immunosuppressive disease. If I were an insufferable douchebag, I’d ask her right back: Why should we care at all about your vaccine-injured kids? They couldn’t take a vaccine, so it’s only “survival of the fittest” that those of us who can take a vaccine go on to live.

But I’m not an insufferable douchebag, like JB Handley. I don’t write idiotic statements like:

“…I also have a much simpler explanation for why the messaging by the pro-vaccine community is backfiring:

They’re fucking lying.

There, I said it. It really is that simple. You can’t suppress truth forever, no matter how hard you try. Richer, more educated parents vaccinate less because they are smarter and have more resources and their bigger brains and pocketbooks give them the time and money to research the issue and when they do they are scared shitless that vaccines might trigger Autism in their child. They compare that risk to measles and guess what? Bye bye MMR.”

Yeah, we’re lying, JB. All 99.9% of scientists, healthcare providers, epidemiologists, and everyone else involved in saving children from infectious diseases are liars. Oh, but you figured us out, JB. Hooray for you! You win a prize.


This is who we’re dealing with, ladies and gentlemen. We’re dealing with people who think it’s okay for children to die because “survival of the fittest” (which has very little to do with evolution) and with people who think everyone but them is lying. And with the insufferable douchebag who is “scared shitless” over autism.

You know what’s worse than autism? Dying from holes in the brain as the measles virus works its way through it.


5 thoughts on “Survival of the fittest, vaccine preventable diseases and autism

  1. How can one be a mother and subscribe to this evil that they people spew? Maybe its ingrained in us to think our own offspring are ‘strong and fit’? Of course I put my children first, however, I cannot see knowingly put another child’s life in danger because they are ‘not fit to survive’? Just unfathomable to me. Every child deserves love and every single protection we as a society we can offer to him or her.

  2. I’m wondering if all of these rich, intelligent people that are so above the rest of us, demand their staff and nannies are vaccinated . . .

  3. Are you surprised that the vulgarian J.B. Handley posted that rant? I’m not. He’s got a long history of making coarse insensitive remarks and venting on AoA. I’ve noticed many of the “journalists” on AoA are posting about the Disneyland measles outbreak, because mainstream media journalists are specifically targeting and mentioning Age of Autism and Generation Rescue as purveyors of anti-vaccine information.

    • They can try to defend themselves all they want, but I think this is a watershed moment for them. They have been exposed for the loons that they are.

      • They don’t believe in community protection via herd immunity, but they’d certainly be the first one to call for their community protection in case of fire or crime. By their candle, we should close all fire stations, police stations and hospitals. After all, it’s “survival of the fittest”.
        Indeed, since they believe in “survival of the fittest”, they should flee their homes and live that life in the forest.

        Another gem is miseducation they purvey is, “I have a strong immune system, so I don’t need the flu shot”. Ignoring the 1918 pandemic, which preferentially struck down those with the strongest immune systems, courtesy of cytokine storm damage.

        Ignorance can usually be corrected with education, but willful ignorance is incurable. Worse, willful ignorance with incredible selfishness, a force that destroys societies if left unchecked.

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