You thought American anti-vaccine loons were bad, and then you met Frankie Vazquez from Australia

This is Frankie Vazquez from Australia:

As far as anti-vaccine weirdos go, he seems pretty tame, right? Unfortunately, he’s not tame at all. He’s quite delusional. Read what Reasonable Hank has to share about Frankie Vazquez’s — “The Voice For All Unborn Souls” — threats of violence, and then come back for the next video. You won’t be disappointed.

Or, hell, click on the next video now because it is pure anti-vaccine gold:

Centrelink, by the way, is kind of the equivalent to health and human services here in the States. Frankie Vazquez, “The Voice For All Unborn Souls”, went to warn people about vaccines, about “Ozmerica” invading Australia, and about other nonsense. He took his daughter with him and seemingly upset her very much.

He was very lucky that none of the security guards were probably armed. (It’s Australia, after all.) But someone just randomly yelling for everyone to pay attention like that could be cause for a forceful reaction. Frankie Vazquez would have probably been shot here in the U.S., and that’s no joke. People are kind of spooked about terrorism right now, and Frankie Vazquez and his delusional yelling would have scared someone into shooting first and then asking questions.

I’ve encountered Frankie Vazquez from Australia online several times, and I haven’t really been able to make heads or tails of his arguments against vaccines. They’re not so much arguments as they are rambling, seemingly delusional screeds. I thought this was an otherwise normal anti-vaccine loon, but then I saw the threats and the videos and thought to myself how utterly nuts this guy is.

I hope he gets the help he needs.

5 thoughts on “You thought American anti-vaccine loons were bad, and then you met Frankie Vazquez from Australia

  1. From what little I’ve viewed or read, he’s beyond erratic and far too often is well into the deep end.
    I also recall some rather quaint terroristic threats from him.
    As one who has received threats, doxing and one doxing and threat to kill my dementia ridden father, wife and myself, as well as any domestic animals at home, I replied in a rather unfortunate manner that involved my state of mind, pleasant being one bag, unpleasant and highly probable, two bags angry. Said individual shut up and never communicated again, likely to mutual delight.
    Yes, I don’t take threats very well.
    That said, this individual, I’m uncertain of.
    I’ll be honest, I press such people hard. None have been suicidal enough to press forward, as I don’t press the obviously don’t press upon the seriously mentally ill, I merely report them. They need treatment.
    This one, I suspect he’s far enough gone that he’d actually try to cause harm if that was within his accessible capabilities.

    Here, in the US, with trivial access to firearms and explosive components, I’d guide his paranoid rants to a neutral location, immobilize him and call in the authorities.
    As today, we require action against someone, harm be damned, I’ll move it away from my disabled wife.I don’t want her to harm anyone with her defensive firearm.
    I don’t mind another bad dream at night, recalling disarticulating limbs.
    It’d be a lot better than other military memories that surface in dreams that ended far worse.

    Or more simply, he’s “mental”, I’m more “mental” in the extreme of neutralizing harmful persons. In the spectrum, I far, far, far prefer the harmed to survive and receive treatment.
    I’ll enter treatment for various illnesses, essential hypertension stage 2, currently uncontrolled for a month, rage issues I’ve so far managed to control and suspect has a physiologicalal basis, osteoarthritis, chronic pain and a boatload of other issues that are typically referred to in the US medical community as a “train wreck”.

    I’ll add some considerations. I’m a medical “train wreck”, I’m still fairly fit, with some muscle degeneration and various other degenerations.
    I’ve also been trained to consider both best wish scenarios and worst case scenarios.
    Considering my condition, I consider worst case.
    Worse case, in hand to hand, blow knee, blow elbow, dislocate shoulder, advance to neutralize the other side, when help arrives, collapse from exhaustion.
    My preference is to avoid that.
    It’s just… Civilized.

    Hopefully, that gives a context. As it’s extremely late for me and I am dyslexic, I may have missed the mark or offended.
    Do explain so, I’ll try to explain when I’m less fatigued.
    But, I far do prefer civilized
    Word were written that violence was the refuge of the incompetent, I prefer that violence is the refuge of the utterly incompetent. That may be incorrect, but I’d require evidence to refute my theorem. When considering violent people.
    The rest of the time, you’d never notice me at a party.

    Good night, hopefully, my dyslexia didn’t muddle things, it’s late for me.
    Thankfully, I go back to days soon. Midnight shit makes me daily wonder what day it is…

    • I was once invited to a bout of fisticuffs by someone in an online forum. I replied with a proposed meeting time and location, as well as telling him what weapons I planned to bring. He got very upset. How dare I misinterpret ‘I’m gonna beat your ass’ as a threat?

  2. I hope his daughter gets the help she needs to cope with having to grow up around someone that erratic. It can’t be very pleasant for her, poor sprout.

  3. Wow. What a sick sick individual. I hope he gets the help he needs, too–before anyone gets hurt. I wonder what he’s going to do if/when his daughter does get sick as she inevitably will.

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