The mental contortions of The Kid

Last time, I told you all about how The Kid wrote that Hillary Clinton’s pneumonia was the result of a failure of the pneumococcal vaccine. He wrote:

“Despite her proclaiming that “#vaccineswork”, the pneumonia vaccine obviously did not work for her in that instance assuming she even followed the CDC’s advice as she wanted everybody else to do.”


From his blog post.

Then, on Twitter, he doubles down on his conspiracy theory:

“The fact that you have an infectious disease but came into contact with children.”

Note that he has now claimed twice that she has an infectious disease. When Dorit Reiss confronts him and tells him that he’s making assumptions, he responds that he didn’t say such a thing:

“I didn’t say she was actually, only that she doesn’t care about “herd immunity” enough to disclose them.” By “them,” we can only assume he means Hillary Clinton’s medical records, which Clinton had released previous to this conversation between The Kid and Dorit.

In that release of information, Clinton’s physician states:

“The results of the CT scan revealed  small right-middle lobe pneumonia… She was treated with antibiotics and advised to rest. This was a mild non-contagious bacterial pneumonia.”

A mild non-contagious bacterial pneumonia. Such things do exist, and epidemiologists who think of themselves as experts in vaccines know such things. Which makes sense since The Kid is not an epidemiologist.

But here’s the kicker:


From his blog post.

True to form, The Kid goes all out on this conspiracy theory of his. He pushes all the chips forward and bets it all on his apparent delusion that Hillary Clinton is spreading pneumonia all up and down the East Coast. These are the mental acrobatics that The Kid seems to need to perform to hold up a conspiracy. It must be exhausting to be him.

Finally, when backed into a corner and faced with facts, The Kid reacted the best way he knows how, with maturity and professionalism.


Ha! Just kidding. He’s never been professional nor mature. So why start now? Not only that, but he uses Pepe The Frog, an internet cartoon that has come to symbolize the Alternative Right (the new Nazis and new White Supremacists online). (It wasn’t always that way with the cartoon, by the way. But it is that way at the time he posted this.)

Not too long ago, The Kid told us about how Black people and women are cancer. Now he uses a racist, White Pride symbol to reply to questions about his scientific assertions. You decide on where he’s heading next.

11 thoughts on “The mental contortions of The Kid

  1. But more on topic, even though we are certain Jake’s employment prospects are rather dim, he’s gotten into two grad programmes so I sadly think he can pull off some low-level peon post with the help of his family. One can only hope he can’t do any damage.

    • His employment. His friendships. Even the prospects of a partner now that he’s gone full-on misogynist and, in one of his latest rants, anti-LGBT (since they’re confused or something).

  2. It was only a matter of time before he continued down the rabbit hole – unfortunately, racism and bigotry tend to go hand-in-hand with many conspiracy nuts.

    I do feel a measure of pity for Jake – not much, but still some, because we’ve all seen this coming for a long time & some of us even attempted to explain to him where his actions were taking him.

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