Does The Kid Have Inside Knowledge of Hillary Clinton’s Pneumonia?

Of course he doesn’t. He just seems to think that he does.

In yet another rambling post by The Kid, he seems to think that he knows what kind of pneumonia Hillary Clinton has:

“The US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends all adults over 65 receive a pneumococcal vaccine to prevent pneumonia. Yet shortly after collapsing during an early exit from a 9/11 memorial gathering over what her campaign blamed on the illness, 68-year old Crooked Hillary Clinton was photographed hugging a young girl. Despite her proclaiming that “#vaccineswork”, the pneumonia vaccine obviously did not work for her in that instance assuming she even followed the CDC’s advice as she wanted everybody else to do.”

So she has pneumococcal pneumonia, Jake? I mean, how else to interpret that statement. If she took the pnumococcal vaccine, and “the pneumonia vaccine obviously did not work for her,” then she must have pneumoccocal pneumonia. Clinton’s campaign has not revealed what type of pneumonia she has been diagnosed with, but facts have never really gotten in the way of a good rant by The Kid.

Also, “Herd Immunity is a Myth”. Right. This is from a doctoral student (in epidemiology) at The University of Texas School of Public Health. A basic and scientifically proven concept in epidemiology is herd immunity. As a true anti-vaccine activist, The Kid refuses to believe in it, much like the flat-Earthers refuse to see any kind of curvature to the horizon and blame any evidence that we live on a goddamned sphere as evidence of a conspiracy.

It’s all a conspiracy to The Kid:

“Evidence of her ill health has been mounting throughout the course of her campaign. Bizarre facial expressions, spontaneous body spasms, coughing fits, bathroom breaks, an ambulance following her motorcade, a strange lesion on her tongue, long naps, and short speeches have all been noticed by journalists though played down in mainstream media. An article that linked to a viral video about her poor health was ripped down from Huffington Post and the journalist banned from contributing in much the same way as what happened with vaccine stories posted and then taken down over there. A well-known television doctor lost his show on CNN’s sister channel for expressing skepticism about both her health and her healthcare. And of course, vaccine shill David Gorski has hopped on the bandwagon of declaring Crooked Hillary’s health as off-limits as vaccine safety while targeting other bloggers and doctors in the process.”

You read that right. To Jacob Lawrence Crosby, doctoral student, “bathroom breaks” and such are all evidence that Hillary Clinton is going to bite it next week, or the week after that, or, for sure, within the first 100 days of her administration. Okay, maybe the second 100 days. And an ambulance with her motorcade?

Who has heard of such a thing?

And that tongue lesion? The one only seen on a few frames (less than one second on video), why it’s tongue cancer, for sure. It’ couldn’t be a shadow. It couldn’t be the divot that our tongues make naturally. It couldn’t be a glitch in the video quality. Nope. To people who believe in monsters under the bed, it’s cancer. Cancer! I tell you.


Alright, it could be a Globalist Inserted Microchip.

The worst thing about The Kid’s latest rant is that people who want to believe in things read his blog posts and believe him. They believe that vaccines have caused all sorts of horrors. He seems to believe his autism was caused by vaccines, and that he is toxic (not intoxicated) because of vaccines and everyone needs to know it.

One last thing pointed out to me this morning: Not all pneumonia cases are contagious. Legionnaries’ Disease is bacterial and not contagious from person to person. Fungal pneumonias are the same. You can also get pneumonia from aspirating a liquid accidentally. And you can get pneumonia from chemical trauma. As the person who tipped me on this rant by The Kid said, “He’s wasting people’s time and his family’s money trying to get that PhD. No self-respecting health department will hire him. So I guess it’s nothing but junk journal publications in his future. What a waste.”

A waste indeed.

4 thoughts on “Does The Kid Have Inside Knowledge of Hillary Clinton’s Pneumonia?

    • Because he knows he’ll get ripped a new one by people who actually know what they’re talking about?

    • The Kid is very afraid of me, it seems. He’s blocked me on all social media, though I’ve never written anything more than uncomfortable questions asking him to clarify what he himself has written. He’s never beaten anyone in a debate, and he probably never will.

  1. Someone as obsessed with vaccines as Mr. Crosby appears to be really should know, at a minimum, that there are other causes of pneumonia than those covered by our pneumococcal vaccine.

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