Anti-Vaccine People Are Nuts, and Here’s Proof

ZDogg, MD, (real name “Zubin Damania“) an online celebrity and physician who talks about healthcare issues, recently interviewed Dr. Paul Offit, a pediatrician and vaccine developer. You can hear in the video below how nuts anti-vaccine zealots are. They pounded and pounded and screamed from behind a window to try and interrupt the interview. They really hate Dr. Offit that much, and they’re really crazy enough to think that pounding on windows and screaming like they did is something that is acceptable.

The video is 1 hour and 10 minutes long. The pounding on the windows starts at around 3 minutes 25 seconds in and goes on for a long time while ZDogg and Dr. Offit just ignore them…


2 thoughts on “Anti-Vaccine People Are Nuts, and Here’s Proof

  1. That’s simple trespass, in that they at the least, banged on an outside window, in an attempt to prevent the lawful occupant of a private space the enjoyment of their property.
    If it was an inside window, it becomes criminal trespass and potentially, burglary.
    Or, could be labeled defiant trespass. All, predicated if he was in Pennsylvania, which is unlikely, given the host’s location. I’d need someone conversant in Arizona trespassing law to be of any use.

    Meanwhile, back in the real world, it takes a special mindset to commit various crimes to make a non-point, while one’s opponent simply talks and provides evidence and well, not dead babies.
    Which the other side would call undead babies, because, well, they’re idiots.

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