This Guy Lies About Vaccines Without Even Blinking

Maybe he doesn’t blink because it’s a picture, but still..

Dr. Steven Lantier, an anesthesiologist, has penned an opinion piece for The Oklahoman, and, man, does it have some woozies in there.

You can read the whole thing here, but let me just show you one paragraph that should be enough to make you scratch your head…

“There is actually not much science behind “herd immunity.” The vaccine rates in the United States for Hepatitis A (9 percent), Hepatitis B (24.5 percent), pneumococcal (20.4 percent) and influenza (43.2 percent) are many times below their threshold, yet we haven’t had outbreaks of these diseases for decades now. Actually, vaccines often have the opposite effect. Not only can they — and often do — make people sick, it is well documented that vaccinated persons have passed on to others the same virus they were being protected from.”

Jesus Christ, where to begin?

“…(Y)et we haven’t had outbreaks of these diseases for decades now.” Oh, really? When it comes to Hepatitis A: We have had three in the last two years, according to CDC. When it comes to Hepatitis B: There are many, according to CDC. And those are just in healthcare. 


Who gave this guy his medical degree? What kind of Mickey Mouse institution taught him medicine?

I’m too mad to write anything else. That up there should be enough. Go to hell, Dr. Lantier, and say hello to Art Briles while you’re down there.

4 thoughts on “This Guy Lies About Vaccines Without Even Blinking

  1. Amazingly this bozo has an active license. He’s the last person I would want as a doctor, *especially* for anesthesia. But we already know thanks to quack anti-vax Oklahoma ophthalmologist James Meehan that the Oklahoma Medical Board won’t do a thing against these incompetent dangerous bozos.

  2. Thing is, if he’s clueless enough to think that saying there are no flu outbreaks the year after 80,000 Americans die from flu will fly, he might be clueless enough to believe the nonsense he is saying.

    At any rate, that should make it clear he is not a valid source on vaccines.

  3. Three major hepatitis A outbreaks in two years among homeless populations alone, plus what’s spread through institutions.
    Christ! If he’s that bad with that, I could be in an OR and he strolled in and I’d run, even if I had traumatic amputation of both legs!
    When did they start putting board certifications in anesthesiology inside of Cracker Jack boxes?!

    • Well, he IS reading Joe Blow Handley’s anti-vaccine book while the patient is under and the machines monitor the vital signs for him.

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