It’s never the anti-vaccine people’s fault. It’s always the vaccines, right?

In case you’ve been living under a rock, a woman decided that she was going to go to the Capitol in Sacramento, California, get in through security, go up to the viewing gallery of the state senate, and then throw a menstrual cup full of what she said was her blood onto the senate floor, striking several senators with the fluids.

(Yeah, that was a big run-on sentence. Get over it.)

This is the most recent attack on California legislators who were working on closing the loopholes that allowed quacks and douchebags emerit-ass to sell or give away bogus medical exemptions to vaccine requirements. The bill signed back in 2015 eliminated personal belief exemptions and pretty much said that the only way to be exempt from vaccine requirements was to get a physician to sign-off on it. As you can imagine, some unscrupulous physicians got into the game of giving/selling/providing medical exemptions, so the exemption rate rose.

Now, physicians who give out too many exemptions will be looked at more carefully, and health departments and public health authorities will have the ability to look at those exemptions and verify them. Hooray! Right?

Well, the anti-vaccine crowd isn’t having it. Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. (the bloated kingpin of antivaxxers) and Del Bigtree (the clown prince of antivaxxers) were quick to descend on California and stoke the fears of the anti-vaccine crowd. Words like “tragedy” and “holocaust” were bandied about when it came to vaccines and the now-debunked myth that vaccines cause autism. They held some weird “vigil” for “dead” children, allegedly victims of vaccination, that included stock photographs from the internet and pictures of living people.

Thoughts and prayers, Ethan.

And now, fantastically, anti-vaccine organizations are disavowing the acts of the blood-throwing woman. They say she’s not part of “the movement” and that she doesn’t represent their membership. This is weird and hilarious because they do these marches and protests en masse, with vicious and racist attacks on anyone even remotely associated with vaccines, and then they disavow when one of them goes bananas?

Words have meaning and they have power, folks. These anti-vaccine preachers keep going on and on about the horrors of vaccination, and then they expect no one to do anything about those horrors? They must think we’re idiots.

One thought on “It’s never the anti-vaccine people’s fault. It’s always the vaccines, right?

  1. Anti-vaxxers stir the pot for violence and then, when it happens, pretend they didn’t do it. This was also done with the anti-vaxxer Austin Bennett, who stalked, harassed and then shoved Dr. Richard Pan in August. Suddenly this staunchly-in-their-pocket anti-vaxxer was someone they claimed not to know.

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