Everything is caused by vaccines and vaccines cause everything

I’ve done this mental exercise with you all before, but here it goes again, one more time:

Check out the following VAERS report for an HPV vaccine (ID 418957-1):

“Information has been received from a licensed practical nurse concerning a 19 year old female patient with penicillin allergy who on 09-NOV-2010 was vaccinated with the first dose of GARDASIL without incident. At 09:00 on 01-MAR-2011 the patient received a dose of GARDASIL (Lot# 666597/0768Z, Expiration: 17-OCT-2011) (dose, strength and therapy route were unspecified). A lot check has been initiated. Concomitant therapy included SEASONIQUE and ZYRTEC. In January 2011, the patient experienced mononuceleosis. At 13:26 on 01-MAR-2011, the patient was involved in an automobile accident and suffered some bumps and bruises. The patient was not hospitalized. At the time of report, the patient was recovering. Therapy was not discontinued. There was no lab diagnostics. The patient sought medical attention. Bumps, bruises and automobile accident were considered to be life threatening by the reporter. Additional information has been requested.”

Yes. This was reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System because the person who got the vaccine got into a goddamned automobile accident the same goddamn day. (Excuse my language, but, come on!) Then, although “the patient was not hospitalized”, she considered her bumps and bruises to be “life threatening”. Come on!

Then there’s this one (ID 308661-1):

“We received on 12 FEB 2008 from a healthcare professional the following information: A 7-year-old male patient, born on 21 JUN 2000 was vaccinated with FLUVIRIN (batch no. unknown) on 19 NOV 2007. The patient was killed in an automobile traffic accident on 01 FEB 2008. The subject had participated in a clinical trial sponsored by MedImmune. FLUVIRIN was used in that trial as a control, and Novartis Vaccine & Diagnostics (NVD) has donated the FLUVIRIN, but other than that has not been involved. Although the event did not occur during the duration of the trial, and the investigator did not see any causal relationship to the vaccination with FLUVIRIN, he reported the event to the IRB and NVD because the child had died.”

So, this one was reported because it was probably part of the study design that any and all deaths of participants was to be reported no matter what.

How about this (214473-1):

“A consumer reported that her 36 year old husband received a dose of FluMist on an unspecified date in 2003. On 12/13/03, he experienced dizziness and was subsequently involved in a car accident. The reporter indicated that the event was life-threatening. No additional information was available at the time of this report.”

And this (331195-1):

“Information has been received from a study concerning a patient (age and gender not reported) who was vaccinated with a dose of PROQUAD (date, dose, route not reported). It was reported that the patient died due to drowning (date not reported). This is one of several reports from the same source. Additional information has been requested.”

And, finally, this (168749-1):

“No data obtained. Parents are awaiting final autopsy report and the death certificate. These will not be produced until a final toxicology report is obtained. All of this is per the coroner. Autopsy states cause of death as undetermined. Death certificate states cause of death due to cerebral laceration w/open skull fracture due to an automobile accident.”

Organizations like NVIC and other anti-vaccine groups like that will tell you to dive deep into VAERS and see for yourself all of the horrible, horrible things that vaccines have done to people. In those reports are many reports of things that are not scientifically known to be linked to vaccines, like open-head fractures from car accidents. There is the story of a woman who smoked for 44 years and then died of a pulmonary embolism (a clot) a few days after getting the flu vaccine at work. (Was it the smoking?) There is the story of another woman who was morbidly obese and on birth control and got a blood clot weeks after getting the HPV vaccine. (Was it the fat and the hormones?) And on, and on, and on. The anti-vaccine organizations and their minions will not tell you about these cases that are obviously not related to vaccines.

They will, however, lump them in with other cases of non-serous adverse events and claim that it’s all proof of a reptilian conspiracy by CNN and maybe even Ted Turner, or some other bunch of myths like that.

Who will you believe?

6 thoughts on “Everything is caused by vaccines and vaccines cause everything

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  2. Thanks to Babs at one of those notorious anti-vaccine websites, we have this headline with the accompanying VAERS reports:

    “Found 114 cases where Vaccine is HPV4 and Symptom is Death”


    I beginning to wonder about Babs’ mental state, because the VAERS reports do not help her cause for proving that Gardasil vaccine is in any way linked to the deaths.

  3. Try 278865-1, who died of “multiorgan system failure and influenza B viral sepsis with contributing cause of staphyloccoccal secondary infection” over a period of 2 weeks. Their symptoms started one day BEFORE their Gardasil vaccination.

    Or 287888-1, whose cause of death was unknown, but whose urine tested positive for methadone, benzodiazepines, benzoylecgonine (from cocaine), cannabinoids, nicotine, diphenhydramine and naproxen.

    Or 291804-1 who, 50 days after her second Gardasil shot, died of diabetic ketoacidosis. Did she get diabetes from the vaccine, or was it inherited from her diabetic father?

    How about 293388-1, who, over a period of 3 days (having just returned to stay with family after some time at college), developed the symptoms and then died of a menigococcal infection: “brain death due to cerebral herniation and meningoencephalitis”. This was 115 days after her second shot of an HPV vaccine, having had the first (and Menactra) over a month before that.

    Conclusion: the HPV vaccine causes influenza, drug abuse, diabetes and meningococcal disease, obv.

  4. Well, 214473-1 might possibly be remotely related, an odd immune response, vasovagal response, etc to an ingredient.
    It’s also about as likely that he had a vasovagal response to his menstrual cramps.

    More seriously though, that single, out of the group, could have an odd relationship to the vaccine or its ingredients.
    A young male reported for duty, duty that day was training after receiving the initial dose of hepatitis B vaccine. Approximately 7 minutes later, while taking a break outside in the designated smoking area, he complained of syncope, then collapsed.
    Initial diagnosis was vasovagal response. I disagreed, due to diffuse bilateral rales and rhonchi in both lungs and significant hypotension. Patient was evacuated to a local civilian hospital.
    He was returned to duty late that afternoon.
    Diagnosis from the civilian hospital was moderate anaphylaxis.
    The vaccine? Sort of, we never did ascertain which ingredient he was allergic to. He was advised to see his primary physician at home station after duty and was advised that he should discuss seeing an immunologist to ascertain what element of the vaccine he was allergic to.
    I lost track of the patient, as shortly after, I transferred to another unit.

    So, it’s the vaccine in that case. Sort-of. But, that is a simple case of sensitivity to a component of the vaccine. Something that can happen with anything and any medication, even sterile water.

  5. I said hi to the UPS delivery man as he was dropping off a box of flu vaccine and while doing so I walked into the door jamb. It was life threatening in that the life of some blood cells was ended and a slight bruise ensued. Clearly, this was due to the flu vaccine, was it not?

    Oh, the humanity!

  6. Yep. It doesn’t matter – the vaccine caused it. It obviously caused the clot, the heart attack, and the drowning. It must have caused syncope while the person was driving their car, and that’s why they got into an accident.

    There’s no limit to their stupidity and willingness to make an ass of themselves trying to link these events to vaccines. No low is too low for them.

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